26 November 2012


                                                                    Kevin Pietersen

In order to save my eyes, I switch on my ten year old Chinese transistor whenever there is a cricket match between India and any other country in India. The reason being funny- because when India bats the commentators go on giving advice about how to leave outside off stump balls and punish loose ones. When a wicket falls there will be pin drop silence from the commentary box and also from the gallery but if a four or six is being hit my transistor station gets changed due to the noise vibration. The batsman got out to a rank bad shot as if the bowlers can’t dismiss Indian batsman with good delivery. If Gavashkar is commenting he will give verbal coaching to the listeners or TV viewers, if he is in TV box. He puts forward certain arguments against the touring side just to show how patriotic he is and how they were treated in 1970’s in those countries. Commentators decide when to declare or to put up  a huge score so that the match ends in a draw and India keeps the lead 1—0.
When touring batsman gets out the ball is described as ball of the match & I have to adjust the band once again. Foreign batsman gets out to good deliveries where as our batsman due to wrong judgments. The bowlers are advised how to bowl to certain batsman as if the captain has a ear phone. If the touring batsman score the bowlers are blamed not the talent of the batsman are not recognized. At times the Hindi commentators appear to be crying after the fall of an India wicket. No commentators tell that the pitch is an under prepared one or a dead wicket. Market place looks deserted if India is marching towards victor in a day night matches. If large numbers of crackers (now they huge high decibel bombs) at night, means the game is over and India has own. If one can listen to his breath then India is losing badly. Very few true lover of this wonderful game, watch matches being played in other countries where Indian team is not involved.
I enjoy these parts of a match where Indian team is involved not on the result after all it’s a game not war.

Sanjoy Satpathy
Ulta Admi

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