30 November 2012


                                        Jaganath temple at Bangiriposhi,Odisha,India.


How can God be asked to retire? Who will take those offerings from Omega,Colgate,MRF,Bournvita,Toyota and many such devotees?
No one can criticize God, those who did had to quit cricket  as a player or  as a selector or commentator or BCCI member or even Umpiring?Steve Buckner was removed because he gave LBW decisions against God and he was black!! How come some one black person  ask questions about God's legs, he can keep it where ever he chooses to.? This God can also lie if compensated properly to save his devotees.DRS was an insult to God hence  its not followed by Indian.
God can purchase and sell his belongings as and when he choose, after all he is a God.India had some millions of Gods  more than the number of people who go with out food every day.If the offering to different Gods in the country are distributed amongst the poor then ten million will not go with out food.But they are Gods, can not live with out rich food some times,107 varieties of sweets, buffalo, bulls, goats, and cock's meat.Here is another selfish God who has destroyed many upcoming Gods in Indian cricket.
So God will decide when to live his small temple and shift to bigger one.Like any God in India he is rich hence he too gives a curtsey visit to his cousin at Tirupati once in while. You see,God worshiping is a way of life be it a cricket player or a Bull.

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