29 November 2012


There is a fast moral,character, discipline, integrity, self respect and contentment deterioration in the society as a whole out of which i shall confine myself to Odisha only.On every alternate day some Hindu festival is celebrated in this state mostly at Cuttack and Bhubaneswar & other parts aswell, in mass scale as people have money and majority do not work or do not go to office. What is true religion majority do not know nor has an interest in practicing it.People have become very cruel, kill innocent animals through poison or electric current, go for road block on trivial issue which puts lots on inconvenience to the passengers and daily labourer.People have become self centered and do not care about other's discomfort.Recently there was a festival called "Chad khai" when people start eating non veg food stuffs after a month of vegetarian food!! Good news for animals, birds because they will survive for one more day of their life as this "feast on animals" falls on a Thursday.
But one thing surprises me is  that in a country where the majority are Hindu why the party BJP which the other party labels it as "fundamalist" Hindu Party,does not get votes from Hindus?Other religions get special protections and other benefits from political parties who call them selves as secular!So our people as well as political parties follow a very double standard in the name of Religion.Thanks for reading this piece.

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