27 November 2012


Good news for House wife:

ALLAHABAD: The Allahabad high court has upheld that a married woman as a housewife and mother usually puts in more hours of work for the family than the earning members of the family and their contribution should not be considered any less.

The court upheld that the work of a homemaker must be assigned value in terms of money for working out compensation to the remaining family members who are dependants on services provided by her and her contribution to the family.
Ulta Admi adds:
There should be provision for pocket money from govt to house wives all over the world, because they have sacrificed their life for a noble cause, job for others, plus they do the job of watchman, sex partner, care taker, cook,tuition master, job of a servant, orderly peon, at times dhobi, most important is rearing up of children.A male gets a job in her place which helps the society. They should be honored with an honorary degree (HWY) from respective universities after a short interview for their achievements. MDKCGandhi had said “woman needs education but not for jobs” and me add-- not to rub shoulders with other males in bus, train, auto and office.

sanjoy kumar satpathy

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