15 November 2012


My reactions is neither in favour nor against the death of the unfortunate lady.Comments in Indian press by public, different news papers on Indian Dentist death at Ireland.
Every one commenting in news papers, appears to be a SC judge and Super specialist.Easy to comment but we do not know the full story.There are many questions to be answered before one can take a conclusion.Like why the dentist wanted an abortion when her  husband was out.Septicemia was due to her self induced abortion or not, we do not know.Postmortem can throw some light and the law of that land will apply if there was any negligence.We are very much concern about our "patriotic" indians being raped, murdered or humiliated in foreign land where as daily thousands die due to criminal abortion by non medical men or woman or quacks in Indian villages and cities, so much our concern for Indian woman!!
Because the head line says 'Indian woman' we should not react  emotionally and comment in an erratic manner.
In India 6.7 million abortions are done every year out of which one million are performed  legally.Why we bring religion and politics in to this unfortunate death?We have our own laws for different religion so why we should criticize some other country's existing laws as regards abortion?Because we have legalised abortion so we want other countries to follow us left right and center?
No one dare marginalise the life concerns of the mass of our women as systematically as large sections of our media do, with their disproportionate attention to glamour dolls, film stars and the doings of the fashionable elite. 

I know many people will send abusive mails but that's it.

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