27 November 2012


Do not get confused, this is neither a cement factory nor a mining area but heart & soul of Bhubaneswar, the most developing area of this capital city--PATIA(pin-751024).If you are seriously thinking of settling down at this place please for God's shake do not make that mistake.Every other day a new apartment comes up with exuberant price but the drainage, electricity, water supply,road condition are pathetic.No amount of complaint even to the so called best CM of India will make any impact, hence you keep your windows and doors closed and return home after midnight so that you can have a peaceful sleep till 5am when the bulldozer fellow will start working.Day time trucks and bulldozer sound+tile cutting noise+music from near by temples which are in every street of Bhubaneswar+fire crakers for any festival and India's cricket victory in any type of tournament will make your kids deaf by the time they reach sixteen.Airway diseases are plenty at Bhubaneswar.Now choice is yours.

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