24 November 2012


A huge demand for White Kurta and Pyjama of different brands and sizes have cropped up at Mumbai ,Delhi& other big cities of India. The price too has been doubled. The reason being many of our film stars and politicians have grown old and are hospitalized for different medical conditions. So our heroes & super heroes with a gloomy face, glycerin tears, put on their new out fits during their visits to different hospitals. After few days another set is used for paying the last visit for the beloved leaders or old film stars. The third set is used for the cremation procession. You know they never wear it second time so they donate it to tsunami or earthquake victims.
Take for example our megalomaniac stars along with their bahu, "buddha pua"(aging son) pay visits for media and also for their own advertisements as most of them are without any job or not liked by people except showing off the "Girl of India” to the fanatic camera clicking photographers. These megastars at times become superspecialist give a health bulletine on the heath condition of the admitted VIPs.Emulating these stars our young generation too have started wearing white dress while attending similar functions of friends and relatives. The aging population in India is third highest in the World, hence business of hospitals, dentists, orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, urologist and many such logist are flourishing very rapidly so also these white dress and fire woods demands.
There are many aging& diseased film stars and politicians or film related personalities hence more such white dress has been kept as a huge stock at Delhi and Mumbai in case****.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy(Ulta Admi)

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