16 December 2012


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Many Indians go out to other countries with out seeing the real India.We have beautiful hill stations, Gulmarg,Kashmir,Nainital,Kulu, Manali,Darjeeling,Ootty,Gangtok,Sikim and many more scenic places but people like to spend ten times the amount just to say we have visited such and such countries."Paheleto aapna desh ku dekho"! Language is no problem, you can have your breakfast from Rs25 to Rs250, similarly lunch and dinner for Rs 50 only(veg).Hotels are not that costly.For best place for newly married or recently married couple with out kids is Nainital and Kashmir.Take enough winter cloths and you have no problems.
This is a recent photograph of Nanital where i attended a marriage ceremony.One day of my return from Nanital there was snowfall.

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