04 December 2012


There are two types of captain--One lucky the other one is good.Lucky captains are like who gets a team already formed by the previous captain as the case of Dhoni.He was handed over the captaincy when players like Virendra Sahwag,Laxman,Sachin,Kumble and Zahir were at their pick and other teams like OZ,Eng SA and WI were in building process and most of the test matches and one day including the world cup were played under home conditions.Ganguly was a good captain because he lead from front and had innovative ideas.Similarly Ponting was not a good captain but was lucky captain like Dhoni.He had bowlers like Megarth,Warne,Gillipsy&Stuart Clark,batsman like Heyden,Langer,Gilchrist,Martin&Hussey but once they retired his team lost the ashes and his captaincy was gone.Steve Waugh was both a lucky  and good captain but he lacked innovative ideas like Ganguly or Clark.The famous Calcutta test loss to India was due to his arrogance.No one will ask for a follow on with more than three days of a test remaining and with a 1-0 lead in a 3 match series.He lost the series and India became a super power after that historic win.The retirement drama of Ponting was disappointing .Timing of retirement is also an art very few people know it.Majority of WI and Australian players decide at wrong time about their retirements.Ponting was a great batsman to watch while in full flow.His retirement timing and inclusion of unfit Watson cost Australia dearly the no 1 position.A team which can not dismiss 6 batsman  in 100 overs does not deserve to be in that submit.

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