31 December 2013


30 December 2013

Utkal Sahitya Samaj Function at Baripada

A nice function was organized by Utkal Sahitya Samaj at Baripada,RotaryBhaban on 29th of December to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Prof.BasantaKumarSatpathy.The chief guest was Prod.&VC North Odisha University,Chief Speaker Dr.Bichitranath Sahu,Chairman Utkal Sahitya Samaj Dr.Bijayananda Singh,Special guest Dr.SanjoyKumarSatpathy.Family members of late Prof  Basanta Kumar Satpathy and many famous personalities of Mayurbhanj  were also present.

28 December 2013

Doctoring a Computer

                               Recently Published in Most Popular English News Paper of Odisha


27 December 2013


On 26-27th the sacred thread ceremony of Nishant &his younger brother Ayush were salomonised in presence of their parents and relatives at hotel Crown,Bhubaneswar. Top picture > the sacred fire,bottom picture>From left to right--Rajesh Satpathy,Sucharita(Pinky),Nishant ,Ayush and the priest.

How to wear Paita at different occasions
Paita is a not an ordinary thread, its sanctity is regarded to get disturbed if it is not worn properly. Here are given different methods to wear Paita at different occasions.
To attend or perform any auspicious ceremony, one should wear 'Paita' hanging from the left shoulder.
For attending or performing inauspicious event, one should wear 'Paita' hanging from the right shoulder.
In case the person wears 'Paita' round the neck like a garland, then, he is called as 'Papi'.
The person while going for daily ablutions or doing other impure tasks, he must put the holy thread around his right ear.

Following a birth or death in the family, 'Paita' should be removed and again a new thread ought to be worn after 15 days of event.
One must replace the old or broken thread with a new thread.
The sutra is the name for the sacred thread, also called yagyopavit, which is worn on the shoulder, usually hanging over the left shoulder and down across the chest around the right hip. This is given to an individual after the sacrament or initiation of upnayana or thread-ceremony.

The moral and social duties of human life are worn on our shoulders and kept attached to our hearts in symbolic form as the sacred thread of yagyopavita (Sutra). It also hangs on our back. It has tied us from all sides, as a reminder of the moral disciplines and ethical duties as human beings.

In different sampradayas or schools of thought, spiritual lineages, the yagyopavit (sutra) will have different numbers of threads, such as six threads and two knots, each joining three threads together, or nine threads and three knots. The knots are symbols of the three granthis (extrasensory roots of ultimate realizations) - the Brahma-granthi, the Vishnu-granthi, and the Shiva-granthi; these also represent the three segments of the Gayatri Mantra that encode the sublime streams of manifestation of the omnipresent eternal sound of "Om". The nine threads symbolize the nine planets and the nine divine-powers (manifestations of shakti, called the nav-durgas) implied in the nine words (after the sirsa) of the Gayatri Mantra. The yagyopavit is like an image of the deity Gayatri. You enshrine the deity in the temple of your body by wearing it.

Wearing this sacred sutra on the shoulders, keeping it near the chest, should remind you of the nine duties, nine virtues, nine principles that are taught and inspired through the nine words of the Gayatri Mantra, which are industriousness, humility, austerity, orderliness, cooperation, wisdom, integrity of character, sense of responsibility and courage.

These nine qualities open the door to a bright, happy and successful life. Inculcation of these qualities induces eminent transformation of personality. These are also the most desired virtues for social and global welfare and progress. The first five of these deal with behavior and deeds. Industriousness means constructive utilization of time and potentials with diligence and enthusiasm for the work in hand. Humility implies modesty, etiquette, and balanced and humble behavior with due respect for the self as well as for others. Austerity includes piety of mind and body. It also means adopting the principle of "simple living & high thinking" in daily life. You must note that foresighted, constructive and altruist use of the resources becomes possible by observing austerity in personal life.

26 December 2013


Now a day’s majority of players, workers& professionals play or work for money not for their country or as a service to humanity, this is an unpalatable truth.
But for IPL, Bush cricket, Hut cricket, KF cricket etc many players would have continued to play test cricket for longer period of time. Foreign players do not play for records, records come of their own to them.
 Trying to create records some players drag on and on playing for years & became a laughing stock in the eyes of their fans, instead of people asking why they started asking when?  Most of the Indian players have less talent but they are very hard working, shrewd about the rules, technique and playing conditions. India team wins due to other team’s poor lead ship or wrong strategy.  Majority of Indian players are gentleman because of a good education background & Indian culture but once our players’ education level comes down they would behave like other countries’ players.

Suppose someone is offered a job with more than 10 times of his or her salary then they would change in majority of cases.  The enmity, the aggressive attitude, the quarreling attitude, the exciting personalities all are missing from all games due to set of idiotic rules and friendly attitude of players as they play from the same club or teams in other tournaments. Players have become friends on the play field then how you expect them to fight with each other to make the game exciting; if at all they do it’s for the gallery.
My point is due to money factors we are losing exciting players, exciting games too early and what we call as exciting matches majority are prefixed or man made.
I feel sad for the retirement of some exciting players who made the game enjoyable;  Kallis was one of them. I would have loved to see him play (test cricket) till 40 years as a batsman and then retire. Best of luck Mr.Jacques Kallis, meet you soon in BCCI- IPL extravaganza.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

24 December 2013


One may or may not agree because this involves the security factor of a country, that this frequent missile testing may be the root cause of sea disturbance and weather change in the coastal areas of Eastern India. Without knowing if I am blindfolded and not allowed to watch neither TV nor read  news paper for few days still then I can tell whether missile testing has been done or not. There would be sudden change of temperature and cloudy sky which was not predicted by the in sat 1B pictures the previous day, then how come this happens? Simple these missile testing is done to show off our military strength plus use the explosives produced by the different explosive factories in India, but in the different news papers one can find the forceful occupation of China and Pakistan .Here my question is by doing these repeated testing there is sudden release of million degree heat which disturb the ecology as a result of which we get these super cyclones, tsunami and Phailin etc.
We blame the motor vehicles and other factors for global warming but we forget about the war and explosives used throughout the year in different parts of the world. A habitable planet is slowly being ruined by us and then we try to find out whether Mars or Moon or Jupiter are habitable or not, what a double standard logic? I have been objecting to this missile testing in Odisha but who cares because our bureaucrats and politicians are staying in AC houses! Such a nice winter weather which had just begun was spoilt by the testing on 20th and then on 23rdat Chandipur--Balasore, hope someone reads this and remembers me after I am gone—“yes a man from Odisha had raised this question, does missile testing cause sudden rise of temperature?”

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

Prof.Sumanyu satpathy


I(Sanjoy Satpathy) had and have many friends, the list is quite big,neverending and it's impossible for me to give my due "thanks"to each and every one of them but i shall go through my aging memory lane over few days.These two doctors one on the right-Dr.Soroj Kanti Mishra is now the present director of health under Steel Authority Of India,Rourkela, and the left is the Dr.Purnendu Satpathy is the TA to the director.Dr.Purnendu is the class mate(Medical) of the present director.Dr.Purnendu taught me about basics of computer operation, problem as well as educating me  about the basics of  this modern gadget. I was staying close to his house at Rourkela in sector18 and he used to come and rectify the problems with out any hesitations but for a cup of coffee.Soroj was much junior to me(6yrs) but he helped me in the medical wards and preparing papers for conference and journals.Very intelligent but very slippery.I  will be completing 66 years by the year end ,I wish them both a very happy life for years to come.Happy 2014 to all my friends in advance.

22 December 2013


Light To Prosperity:
The beautiful beach of Gopalpur
The shallow sea of Chandipur
The blue sky of Balangir
The dense forest of Similipal
The water fall of Devkund
The warm spring of Taptapani
The migrating birds of Chilika
The white tigers of Nandankanan
The gigantic stone temple of Konark
The architect marvel of Rajarani temple
The tribal dance of Mayurbhanj
And the Rathayatra of Puri
Oh mother Odisha
You have every thing,still we are beggars
We spoil your forest
We kill the royal tigers
We electrocute elephants
We are ruining you by mining and corruption
Show us the light of wisdom
And light to prosperity.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

21 December 2013


20 December 2013


Damayanti Satpathy Wife of Bijoy Satpathy expired today at her village Pandhda, she was 67 years of age.She was the eldest daughter of Purusotum Nanda.One of the simplest and innocent house wife one could find today.She survived cancer cervix but expired due to some intestinal problem causing repeated diarrhoea.May her soul rest in peace.A close relative of famous personalities of Odisha>Prof.BasantaSatpathy,Dean.SantanuSatpathy and Prof.Sumanyu Satpathy.


An Odiya short story(Satire) about a name which created problem for him in his work place because of similarity in surname and short form of the name.Even after retirement it hunts this character.

19 December 2013


                                                         UNION OF TWO SOULS


Sector-18(Bharati Sangha Club) cricket team:Rahul Guha, Jayanta Das, Kailash,Sardhendu,Sengupta,Sanjoy Satpathy,these are players i could recognize.Long back hence it's difficult for me you remember these players.I collected this foto from Sardendu, hope some one can tell me the names of all these player in the team.
Inter-sector Final match:Sector 18 team(BharatiSangha) became the champion that year.The umpires were Daka Bhi(1st.in the standing row on right) & Sen dada(2nd from left standing),sanjoy satpathyMOM.4th from right standing).6feet 6 inches tall pace bowler Chaterjee(Center) who played only one Ranji match for Odisha.

18 December 2013

Press Coverage

The speakers stressed the need for translating the writings of Basanta Satpathy.Amongst the dignitaries his third son Prof Sumanyu Satpathy from Delhi university was present in the auditorium.

17 December 2013


She(TAPA) was rescued from dogs by her owner and refused to leave his house,a real gratitude.This domesticated parrot moves around in the house free but at night to protect it from wild cats it's put in side a cage.Eats every thing from biscuits to sweets but no rice please.Talks a lot does not allow the house wife Tapaswini to feel lonely when her husband goes for duty in an explosive factory at Badmal.Her favorite food is coconut and guava fruit.She is three years old.

16 December 2013


14 December 2013


10 December 2013


River Tel.Passengers with Groundnuts for cultivation going to the other side of the river-IE Kalahandi district.

With less water in Tel River after they have crossed the main steam.Nice sight.Motor bike running through knee deep water and father helping the son to cross the river as he does not want to take a chance with the recent tragedy.

BELKHANDI SIVA TEMPLE.Situated at the meeting place of three rivers--Tel+Utei+Lath
Blog owner amidst the River Tel..This century old tree still surviving the furry of nature--survival of the fittest.


Bravery Award:
Ramesh (L) & (Govinda(R)  who make both their ends meet by ferrying people, motor cycle, cycle, cattle, food grains and pilgrims to the other side of the River Tel are my Bravery Award winners for the year 2013. This Tel River meets its end by getting itself submerged with river Mahanadi at Sonpur. These two boatmen could save two lives of those students who had come to have a picnic during Puja Holiday’s (2013-Oct) when they were swept away by high water current of river Tel .Two got drowned another two could save could save themselves by swimming to the river bank and other two were rescued by these boat man who live on the meager charge of Rs10/- from each passenger. Many people get bravery award for doing nothing but these innocent people are not recognized by any one for their effort to save two young lives risking their own life because saving a drowning man needs expertise.I was fortunate to meet them on my recent visit to different parts of Balangir- Odisha.The river Tel is on their back side.