29 January 2013


This year in Odiya calender 1st of Feb is 12th of Magha.We have 12 seasons in Odiya but due to ecological change and global warming there is drastic change in weather and seasons.Baisakhya--Jesta---Ashada----Srabana--Bhadraba--Asinaw--Kartika---Margasira-- Pausa--Magha-Falguna---Chaitra.From end of this month it will start to get hotter in this part of the country.The best season is going to be over for North and Eastern part of India.South  and Western part of India you hardly have a chance to wear a woollen garment.

28 January 2013


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27 January 2013


Bhubaneswar weather is not suitable for  rose flowers, plants, still then with my wife's(Kalyani) untiring efforts she has a small but cute garden.This year monkeys have not visited our area or else this photograph would not have been possible.They eat away the rose buds, their favorite food.Rose petals can be chewed raw, its good for your complexion because it contains antioxidants.Rose Petals contain Vitamin A, C, D, and E and some B Vitamins too! Rose Petals also contains antioxidants, and they are a mild sedative, anti-depressant, and mood-enhancing agent.Rose water is great for the scalp… by nourishing, soothing, and getting rid of itchy flaky areas… also great for your hair, helping to increase blood flow to the hair follicles(provided you have some hair left due to frequent use of shampoo.So monkeys know it not we!

24 January 2013


If the youth of India are really serious about India's future then they must vote en mass(100%) in the 2014 election to counter act the alcohol+money factor of UPA.There should not be a hung parliament or else with swish money the land lady with his bonded labourers will come back to power and "LOOT" India.My request to the public is to see that people with criminal records(which ever party) should not be sent to assembly or parliament or you face the consequence.Think of your country not your own vested interests.

22 January 2013


Those patriotic Indian must be eager to know, what is happening in their beloved mother land. So for them this is an update.

1.       Rape & Rape is the head line news in most of the news papers, some are fixed, some are false, some are hoax, some are old news few are facts. It appears people of India are starved of sex.Some blame the dress code, some the films, others about invasion of foreign culture, some say too many girls outside their hostel or home at night.
2.       Rasta Roko(Road Block) as a mode of protest for price rise, some one’s dog run over by a truck, train fare and petrol price rise or any personal reason. So you will see photos of people with placards or candles blocking the road. So be prepared for all these adverse situations when you come to meet your parents or search of new jobs in India.
3.       Some minister, MP or MLA gives certain comment on woman, rape victims or on religion or something very personal then that is picked up by media and hours of discussion goes on in 30 TV channels much to the delight of the sponsors.
4.       .Trains frequently kills wild animals where as the time taken by the so called superfast trains is the same in last 15 years.
5.       Foundation stone lying by ministers but only 20% really takes off.
6.       What finance minister is supposed to say is explained by PM, what home minister is supposed to say is being explained by finance minister, the defense minister explains about petrol price, the external affairs minister briefs about defense matter, so a chaotic situation is prevalent in the country.
To summarize lots of negative things are happening in Hindustan. Dynasty rule is becoming stronger and stronger due to chamchagiri of very senior congress ministers and illiterate mass, who fall flat when they see a fair complexion lady, a hangover of British raj, you see.

Male by instinct are polygamous and wants to have sex with as many as possible. Some have money so they buy sex other do it in Casanova style others do it because the ladies come to them for their own future or to become a celebrity some become one woman husband. Majority of sexual acts are consensual but once somebody has noticed it the girl or the lady goes for FIR. The fault lies on both sides, one cannot give hundred percent clean cheat to the fair sex.Now a days they want to drink, have drugs and multiple boyfriends, move around at night with scanty cloths, exploit them and lastly put the blame on police for not protecting them. We invite porn stars to act in our Hindi movies, majority of movies produced in India are A grade but get U certificates due to producers connections with the censor board.
Sidenafil a sex medicine with fantasy names-8pm,10PM,Juan,Uplift,niagra,target & many more are freely available over the counter, cannabis another aphrodisiacs’, plus many other drugs and alcohol is a big business worldwide. Females are getting dressed in a provocative way, moving freely at night without fear. No government can provide police protection to every woman whenever they are going out at night. Around 250000 rapes are reported every year from 65 countries; Indian should not think that rape incidents are only in India. Let’s have Saudi Arabia or Taliban type of law but still then a rapist is a rapist they will rape whatever may be the end result as they do it under the influence of drugs or they are mentally deranged. On one hand we say murderers should not be hanged nor given capital punishment, rather they should be counseled where as rapist should be given capital punishment!!
Indian youth instead of having good constructive ideas or becoming good citizen prefer to go for cheap popularity by holding placards and burring buses and government property and fighting against police(recently one police man was killed due to  protest at Delhi).Now who should be held responsible for killing this policeman who was doing his duty bestowed on him?
We take ten long years to punish a man for killing hundreds of people and spend crores for the maintenance of one criminal and we talk big, we are a country with jerky reactions and Taliban type of attitude. Why for any personal or other law and order problem people should block the railway lines and national high ways? Is this the sign of a civilized society? Why our youth do not react to this? Behind each crime there is a political backing. Opposition parties instead of doing good to the people makes the situation worse. Supreme Court has given directive long back, to remove bumps, humps and ramblers from national highways which are one of the major factors of fuel waste and accidents but you find them on every national highway. Once a person is killed like a Tomb a hump is made near the accident sites.
Road accidents, rapes, crimes, thefts, Maoist, murder, homosexuality (going to be passed soon), same sex marriage are due to social, parental and lax judiciary system in the country. It is going to get worse hence let’s follow this old dictum—“Save yourself by any means and be contented”. Earlier day’s people used to be killed and eaten up by wild animals and cannibals but modern society has much more dangerous human creatures to finish you, this is modernization for you, live with it or commits suicide.
ULTA ADMI: Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


Pumpkin is a neglected vegetable by most of the young generation.Some consider it as a poor man's food  hence it is not found in their kitchen.I have pumpkin creeper which has gifted me few hundreds of flowers and three huge size pumpkins in last six months.The photograph  shows the male flowers, female is different with ovum just below the flower. In Oriya we call it Boitialu, meaning there by it's taken in small ships as a food item to be used as a vegetable, because this last for months during the voyage in sea. Boiti means boats and alu means potato--Boitialu.We make "pokoda"  or"Tikia"with this these flowers.Take some"besan with cornflour" or grinded rice, mix it with this flower,  you can add onion  for taste. Cook in slow heat. Do not deep fry.You can add in your omelet along with other ingredients.
Flowers are rich in vitamins, potassium,antioxidants, good for your children.The tender leaves are also eaten by some people.Pumpkin is good for health.Encourage your children to develop a taste for this wonder- vegetables.Make curry with potato, it taste wonderful.Happy eating.

20 January 2013



Some developed countries in the world follow double standard and hypocrisy, unfortunately Indian follow them blindly to show off that they are developed. First they created global warming through industrial revolution, subsequently they set up their industries in India and other places where workers are treated like bonded laborers at very cheap salary. Big cars are being used for transport of one single man to his office and back, other members of the same family, too go alone to their office because sharing the same car is meant for uncultured people.
India started producing big cars for rich and famous and started exporting to the developed countries for earning few more dollars. By industrialization India started to have a different sort of problem due to bad attitude, culture and corruptions.
The tribal people over the years became richer and richer due to reservation policy and they started to buy costly bikes and cars. We do not object them to have a comfortable life but even after sixty five years of independence they are being guided by wrong people to become an internal destructive force. Road accidents kills more people then AIDS and Stroke combined, this is called in Odiya “Mankada hathare salagram”, meaning there by if you hand over an idol of any God or Goddesses to a monkey then you know what will be the end result, exactly India is facing this problem in every field, education, medical, driving, train accidents, travel and money.
This is a big problem for the new India, but the people have become restless, impatient, cruel, destructive, burning of government and private property, intolerant and desire to become rich by any means quickly.
Now coming back to developed country who are responsible for pollution, war, global warming are teaching lesions to us through fair sex personalities, as if whatever bad thing is happening is due to India. For example in USA ,even school children use guns, rape is rampant, food wastage, obesity, perverted social culture, drugs etc the list is big.
They have a fixed target each year, when people are asked to kill bear and deer in certain states of America. Innocent deer are knocked down by speeding vehicles every year over and above they have a target to kill certain number of deers.The same people also go to church the very next day. Bears too are killed rampantly.They have a logic “Only Americans have the right to live” others are born to be killed. Giving a target to kill say 600 bears and 1500 deer every year for fun is inhuman. This is not the sign of a civilized society. The bottom line is they want the meat to eat, deep fry.

Black bears are the largest land mammal in New Jersey. They are an integral part of the state's natural heritage and a vital component of healthy ecosystems. Since the 1980s the Garden State's black bear population has been increasing and expanding its range both southward and eastward from the forested areas of northwestern New Jersey. Within the most densely populated state in the nation, black bears are thriving and there are now confirmed bear sightings in all 21 of New Jersey's counties.
Division of Fish and Wildlife personnel use an integrated approach to managing New Jersey's black bear population, fostering coexistence between people and bears.
The most common bear problem New Jersey's residents experience is black bears getting into their garbage. Bears are attracted to neighborhoods by garbage odors, so properly securing your garbage is one of the best ways to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance in your community. It has been seen that this country is the worst offender in food wastage.
My request is not to kill these innocent animals because they too have the right to live, why not drive slowly in those highly populated areas? You are not feeding them, neither you give them shelter .Why not present them as gifts to different zoos of other countries, when  President of America visits?That will be a nice gift for better understanding between two countries.
 I have seen with my own eyes hundreds of miles of forest are being cut every year for wood and real estate business. I could not believe that those forests are personal property, does not belong to Government. But they are concerned about our forests. Taking a photograph after killing a deer is most barbaric, if human beings are so powerful let them fight bare handed with wild animals and kill them! Killing with explosives and guns is no bravery. Let’s allow animals to stay in jungles but where is it? We have destroyed it for our selfish motives. For that reason they disturb the man kind and we kill them. Let’s stop destroying forests and stop killing of wild animals, let’s have an excellent ecological society and think everyone has the right to live, not human beings alone.
Writer is an Eco friendly doctor.


HALDI BASANTA this is the Oriya name of this colour full bird,in English they call it Black-Hooded Oriole.

Early morning while i was on my tarace i could hear a nice music of a bird.Being born and brought up in the forest areas of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha i am familiar with this bird but had not seen it for long time as i shifted to Bhubaneswar, which is called as concrete jungle.But the place where my house is situated was a forest area  and the natural zoo called Nandan Kanan is hardly few kilometers from my house.  Hence we are fortunate to watch different types of birds in early hours of the day.I have two mango trees yet to bear fruits even though they are old enough to have obliged us with at least one mango for me and my wife.This Haldi Basanta was spotted by my wife, who told me that "probably it has built a nest in one of our mango tree planted by me".Many people ask me to cut these big trees but i tell them at least these plants protects us from dust.This haldibasanta is a very busy bird hardly stays in one place for more than few seconds.It lives on fruits, nuts and small insects.Haldi(Turmeric) is yellow in colour hence this name, Basanta means spring,as this bird can be spotted in this breeding season hence this name--"HALADIBASANTA".Its an endangered species because of its colour people try to catch it and keep as a pet but they do not survive in captivity.Males are bigger and more colourful like all birds.My grand mother used to say the plus/beauty point is the dangerous thing for that living animals or birds.India national bird is killed for its feathers,tigers for the skin,elephants for the tusk etc.After few weeks Cuckoo or the "Kueli" will come in the beginning of summer as the mango trees blooms with  flowers, hopefully this year.

18 January 2013


 An old Hindu legend explains how the Indian Palm Squirrel received the three stripes across its back.  Basically, this squirrel helped Lord Rama and Vanara Sena build a bridge. LORD RAMA was very impressed with the dedication of the Squirrel and left these stripes across his back as he petted him. It is important to note that this association with Lord Rama could be part of the reason that squirrels are considered sacred in India. 
This photograph was taken at the Delhi University Garden on a fine December morning. Actually lots of pigeons and these squirrels were sharing the wheat which was sprinkled by some animal lover on the grass. I could only take this photograph as the birds flew away and some dozen of squirrels dispersed.
They live on nuts and fruits. Live for four to five years but we do not have the exact figure.  They can be domesticated and kept like Mongoose. Very active little creature makes funny sounds when someone approaches their nests. Their enemies are eagle and snakes.