20 January 2013



Some developed countries in the world follow double standard and hypocrisy, unfortunately Indian follow them blindly to show off that they are developed. First they created global warming through industrial revolution, subsequently they set up their industries in India and other places where workers are treated like bonded laborers at very cheap salary. Big cars are being used for transport of one single man to his office and back, other members of the same family, too go alone to their office because sharing the same car is meant for uncultured people.
India started producing big cars for rich and famous and started exporting to the developed countries for earning few more dollars. By industrialization India started to have a different sort of problem due to bad attitude, culture and corruptions.
The tribal people over the years became richer and richer due to reservation policy and they started to buy costly bikes and cars. We do not object them to have a comfortable life but even after sixty five years of independence they are being guided by wrong people to become an internal destructive force. Road accidents kills more people then AIDS and Stroke combined, this is called in Odiya “Mankada hathare salagram”, meaning there by if you hand over an idol of any God or Goddesses to a monkey then you know what will be the end result, exactly India is facing this problem in every field, education, medical, driving, train accidents, travel and money.
This is a big problem for the new India, but the people have become restless, impatient, cruel, destructive, burning of government and private property, intolerant and desire to become rich by any means quickly.
Now coming back to developed country who are responsible for pollution, war, global warming are teaching lesions to us through fair sex personalities, as if whatever bad thing is happening is due to India. For example in USA ,even school children use guns, rape is rampant, food wastage, obesity, perverted social culture, drugs etc the list is big.
They have a fixed target each year, when people are asked to kill bear and deer in certain states of America. Innocent deer are knocked down by speeding vehicles every year over and above they have a target to kill certain number of deers.The same people also go to church the very next day. Bears too are killed rampantly.They have a logic “Only Americans have the right to live” others are born to be killed. Giving a target to kill say 600 bears and 1500 deer every year for fun is inhuman. This is not the sign of a civilized society. The bottom line is they want the meat to eat, deep fry.

Black bears are the largest land mammal in New Jersey. They are an integral part of the state's natural heritage and a vital component of healthy ecosystems. Since the 1980s the Garden State's black bear population has been increasing and expanding its range both southward and eastward from the forested areas of northwestern New Jersey. Within the most densely populated state in the nation, black bears are thriving and there are now confirmed bear sightings in all 21 of New Jersey's counties.
Division of Fish and Wildlife personnel use an integrated approach to managing New Jersey's black bear population, fostering coexistence between people and bears.
The most common bear problem New Jersey's residents experience is black bears getting into their garbage. Bears are attracted to neighborhoods by garbage odors, so properly securing your garbage is one of the best ways to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance in your community. It has been seen that this country is the worst offender in food wastage.
My request is not to kill these innocent animals because they too have the right to live, why not drive slowly in those highly populated areas? You are not feeding them, neither you give them shelter .Why not present them as gifts to different zoos of other countries, when  President of America visits?That will be a nice gift for better understanding between two countries.
 I have seen with my own eyes hundreds of miles of forest are being cut every year for wood and real estate business. I could not believe that those forests are personal property, does not belong to Government. But they are concerned about our forests. Taking a photograph after killing a deer is most barbaric, if human beings are so powerful let them fight bare handed with wild animals and kill them! Killing with explosives and guns is no bravery. Let’s allow animals to stay in jungles but where is it? We have destroyed it for our selfish motives. For that reason they disturb the man kind and we kill them. Let’s stop destroying forests and stop killing of wild animals, let’s have an excellent ecological society and think everyone has the right to live, not human beings alone.
Writer is an Eco friendly doctor.

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