15 January 2013


Just by holding candles in broad day light and coming on to streets is not going to solve India’s problem of corruption, crime, cricket, 3rd grade cinemas and congress party’s performance and activities.
There are three types of persons on earth so also in India.
The first category are people who are rich and famous who speak/opine to please others, it’s not from inside, superficial.They are the worst varieties of people. Their numbers are not much but they are very influential.
The 2nd group is people who speak their heart out and go in to controversy, they are only handful. They are good people but misunderstood and miss represented by media.
The third variety (majority) is not concerned because they do not have time to think, they are students, farmers, daily laborers & business men.
The main problem is the people who take up problem to create problems. For example a person while defecating on train line is run over or a bus runs over a person crossing the high way gets killed. Now the problem solvers create problem by blocking the road or trains for hours. The police reach few hours too late. So also a girl is raped by her own boy friend then also there is road block. Why on earth for each and every demand people block the traffic??Where are those candles holding Samaritans? Why can’t they demand the Government and common man to stop this nuicense?As long as Government goes on donating money as if it grows on tree(our PM once told Odisha CM “Money does not grow on trees”) then this type of road block, bandh and candle burning will continue. The rich and famous seldom face these problems as they fly by air.
These demonstrations will get erased like footsteps on the sea beach.  Once the TV, Media shift their camera to cricket field, film stars & models, people will forget everything as if nothing has happened. There are so many issues like reservation, education, corruptions, fake notes, match fixing, sex racket and convicts in assembly and Parliament but for that where are our candle burners. They must realize that the politicians are very cunning lot, they know how to create and solve problem and be in power for decades. This is the truth whether you agree or not, do not concern the Parliamentarians.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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