18 January 2013


 An old Hindu legend explains how the Indian Palm Squirrel received the three stripes across its back.  Basically, this squirrel helped Lord Rama and Vanara Sena build a bridge. LORD RAMA was very impressed with the dedication of the Squirrel and left these stripes across his back as he petted him. It is important to note that this association with Lord Rama could be part of the reason that squirrels are considered sacred in India. 
This photograph was taken at the Delhi University Garden on a fine December morning. Actually lots of pigeons and these squirrels were sharing the wheat which was sprinkled by some animal lover on the grass. I could only take this photograph as the birds flew away and some dozen of squirrels dispersed.
They live on nuts and fruits. Live for four to five years but we do not have the exact figure.  They can be domesticated and kept like Mongoose. Very active little creature makes funny sounds when someone approaches their nests. Their enemies are eagle and snakes.

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