22 January 2013


Pumpkin is a neglected vegetable by most of the young generation.Some consider it as a poor man's food  hence it is not found in their kitchen.I have pumpkin creeper which has gifted me few hundreds of flowers and three huge size pumpkins in last six months.The photograph  shows the male flowers, female is different with ovum just below the flower. In Oriya we call it Boitialu, meaning there by it's taken in small ships as a food item to be used as a vegetable, because this last for months during the voyage in sea. Boiti means boats and alu means potato--Boitialu.We make "pokoda"  or"Tikia"with this these flowers.Take some"besan with cornflour" or grinded rice, mix it with this flower,  you can add onion  for taste. Cook in slow heat. Do not deep fry.You can add in your omelet along with other ingredients.
Flowers are rich in vitamins, potassium,antioxidants, good for your children.The tender leaves are also eaten by some people.Pumpkin is good for health.Encourage your children to develop a taste for this wonder- vegetables.Make curry with potato, it taste wonderful.Happy eating.

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