17 January 2013



After the super cyclone of 1999 in the costal belt of Odisha sparrows are no more to be seen. Probably they thought it’s unsafe to stay here or all the birds got killed due to high velocity cyclonic wind. We have grown up listening to the sweet music of sparrows as they get up quite early in the morning. Innocent little creature-we call it ‘Ghara Chatia’ in Odiya. Means they build nest in the house where human inhabit may be because of safety factor or they love human beings we do not know. With change of time they too feel unsafe with the cruelty of mankind, too much of radiofrequency in the surroundings& pollution, we are yet to spot a sparrow at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha for last ten to twelve years. Few bird lovers are trying to bring these sparrows from other place so that they start living with us. Here are three of them sitting together to decide their future plan of action.(One male and two females,R>L)

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