07 January 2013


This  dead steam Engine used to haul passengers from Rupsa to Bangiriposi during 1950's.This narrow gauge line has been replaced with broad gauge line and a super fast train(40km/h) runs between Bangiriposi and Rupsa..The original engine which was half the size of this engine was made in GB with brass pistons that is no more in public view. A DMU train which runs between Balasore to Bangiriposi via Baripada daily  except on Saturdays and Sundays has beautiful compartments.Nice to travel to Bangiriposi and stay there for a day and enjoy silence and beauties of Simlipal Hills, visit Seemla, a Siva temple at the bank of Budhabalanga river,Ghat of Bangiriposi and few more picnic spots and then back to Bhubaneswar.Majority of passengers in DMU travel with out tickets, as this comes under tribal belt& its free for all.

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