23 February 2013


Padma & Ratna:

 A decade back, when my doctor friend Bhabani Sankar told the chief Medical Officer, Dr Bose " i refuse this award for simple reason--my friends will be my enemy . "(Jawhar Award, some say Juhar Award, chamcha award) which ultimately went to some other non deserving doctor.That was the highest award in that steel plant hospital.That time i thought to my self-- what a fool my friend is? But now when i analysed his greatness, i realised he is a real Chanakya.That brings my topic of discussion when late Mr.Patri who refused the sahitya academy award with similar logic.

                           Two doctors got padma bhusan for operating on two PMs of India.If some professional  gets a award for a job which  he is or was supposed to do  but why he should get a Padma or Ratna?Sachin is a proffesinal cricket player so there are plenty of awards from BCCI or ICC ,Or Arjun awards for sports, similarly in film dom you have Palkisaheb,film fare, star plus ,oscar etc awards why then  Government should honor them routinely? Similarly an artist  will get the reward or award from the art board, in literature you have gyana pitha,sahitya academy etc.So every field has its recognition board hence these Padma shree or Bhusan should only be given to a say a doctor who has discovered a new operation procedure, or a new drug, or social service free of cost.Similarly a cricket players or a film star who has adopted five village schools for say three years for maintenance of schools or some cases villages in Odisha or Jharkhand  or their own state.That means doing some thing extra beyond your profession.My friend got the padma shree award, he is from a dalit family but he has never visited nor made a documentary on village life in Odisha!!He is a professional camera man he is doing his job then he should be honoured by the film fare, or oscar or
others, why this padma?.A time will come when 50% of Indians will be a padma award winner.My point is the professionals should get its awards from their association and Padma etc for doing some thing extra or different from own money or own time or efforts.

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