11 February 2013


In recent times there is a sudden carving for visiting temples, melas, holy dips and other Hindu festivals by the pious Indian. Lots of fraud comes in to play to entice the people to visit such and such places. How come taking a dip in a polluted river will wash away the sins? That means lots of people are doing or indulging in many sinister activities. When these types of people die, one should not blame the government or the administrators, it's God's wish. There are some fanatics and imbecile people who want to be transformed to pious individuals through these means by bribing Gods with gold and money. Worshipping God has synonymous with corruptions in India. In north India it's a common site to see people travelling on bus and trains tops and foot boards, if accident occurs the media is ready with Camera and microphones, to go for breaking news and blame the administrators. This type of mishaps is likely to increase as people are behaving in  most irresponsible and erratic manners. The bottom line is we do not believe in prevention, but  more on enquiry and investigations and the blame game starts which take a political twist.

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