18 February 2013


Strange but true.This she goat was attacked by five stray dogs.She had no chance against these five canines so she kept on walking very close to the a lady teacher who was returning from her school.The dogs gave up hope and went away.This goat came to the lady teacher's house and went past their Labrador to the first floor.This pet dog instead of doing any harm started playing with the goat.Now it's four days this uninvited guest has taken a shelter in this pious vegetarian family.The husband of the lady teacher Asish who is a friend of mine narrated this true story.He has decided to donate this to a Ashram where cows and goats are kept for their milk but before that he approached a temple which is coming up fast near our house.Three young persons were in that temple who were over enthusiastic of keeping this goat.But my friend could smell that they are more interested in the meat and not for this innocent creature.You can watch the photograph of the black Labrador playing with the goat.The problem is she wants to sleep in their bed room.I took some drum stick leaves which she is enjoying as a fift from me.This photograph was taken at 2130hours of 18-2-13.

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