06 March 2013



After his return from abroad after five years, Bijou was flabbergasted to see a dramatic change in India. He was received by his cousin Abhinab at the airport.
Both  the brothers were hugging each other when someone pushed them from behind, Abhinab  was about to fall on the conveyer belt when Bijou caught hold his hand, narrowly escaped a fatal accident.
“I thought our people and country has changed a lot but my first experience is on the contrary.” commented Bijou.
“How could you know, that there are progress every where?”Asked Abhinab
“People are well behaved, the air ports are clean and shinning, boarding card was issued very fast, and the flight landed in time, food on flight was good, what more you expect?” said Bijou in an excited tone..
“Just wait for a few more weeks, travel by bus or train or local transport and then only you would know the real India. Yes if you compare the price with any European country then it looks cheap but there is not much change in this country except certain roads and buildings. Richer are getting richer the middle class back bone is broken, after some time like Pakistan we will have two class of people rich and poor.” quipped Abhinab.
“People are getting so many benefits through different schemes and you say country has not progressed?”asked Bijou.
“You don’t realize the realities of life; the money meant for development is siphoned in the middle with the knowledge of bureaucrats and politicians, you are still in dream world, because you have never faced the day to day problems one has to face in every spheres of life. Look, that ba…”while applying the break to save the car from being hit by a three wheeler.
It took them one hour to cover a distance of fifteen kilometers as there was a road block due to demonstration by teachers. After reaching home when he opened his Samsonite he found that the perfumes, chocolates and few costly gifts are all gone. Bijou was furious.
Abhinab commented “This is just the beginning my brother, welcome to Odisha.”

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