28 March 2013



First I must mention why I have written ORISSA not the new name ODISHA??
The reason being it may appear as another new state in India but no sir it’s the same Orissa with new alphabets. Our Politicians are expert in changing the names of faces and places because it shows patriotism!
Few months back news prompted me to write this article- “train driver sentence to 3 years jail term for killing elephants under the iron wheels which he was driving”. Alas similar punishments are ditched out to killers of tigers and elephants!!
The animal lovers are probably busy with collection of money or doing striptease or TV or media shows than doing any thing for the poor animals!!
Every other day elephants are being killed (in Orissa) by high tension electric wires or local alcohol mixed with poisons. These people blame the electric department for the elephants death but the truth is only 1% of accidental deaths occur due to this where as the villagers with different means bring down high tension wires(hooking has political support in this state) to the ground so that when elephants come at night they are electrocuted. It’s a poor state with very low yield cultivation products. Elephants after elephants are being killed by this cruel method but no one gets any punishments. Even if the total crop is sold from a village in Orissa, it may not be worth few lakhs but killing a huge animal as revenge is really shocking and sickening.
I request the animal lovers both Indian and international to do some thing about this beastly attitude of the people of the state. There are different means to stop the elephants coming to the main human habitat but killing them by poison or electric current is really inhuman.
With Rs: 2 per kg rice being distributed by political parties who cares if a huge area of crop is destroyed by animals!! Government is giving lots of compensations plus there are insurance companies to help. As such most of the cultivation lands in Orissa are under utilized due to poor canal water facilities and low rain fall. So there is no logic of killing these beautiful creatures for pea nuts.
The worst enemies of elephants are the Oriya news papers; these huge animals are projected as the villain and at times compared with Maoists. There is no sympathy for these animals death.
The bottom line is why these animals (snakes, elephants, tigers, deer’s, jackals and monkeys) stray into human habitats??We know the answer but not interested to do any thing for our environment and wait for some white skin lady or gentleman to come and help these helpless creatures.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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