12 March 2013


SOME VERY INTERESTING THEFTS AT BALESWAR TOWNL (The literary meaning of BALESWAR is the district where God’s are thieves.)
1.   1:   (The breeding dog)In LIC colony of Balasore (Baleswar) one family had a high breed Alsatian dog (Julie). One evening when the children had gone for tuition and the master and mistress had not returned from office someone took away the pregnant pet. When the dog did not return even after 8pm they informed the police. But the FIR paper remained in the drawer. Months passed by. When they had given up hope suddenly the children spotted the dog at the same place where she was lost. Whenever she would get pregnant the thief would come and taken Julie away. This was repeated three times and was never returned back, the thief was never caught. He must be a highly professional DOG THIEF (may be a police trainer).Must be selling each pup for Rs8000 each, a nice way to earn one lively hood without cruelty to animals.
2 :( Helpful advice) a newly married couple was walking in a market place of Balasore town. Suddenly two young gentlemen came near them and told the lady—
“Madam, there is police checking, any time the PCR van will come and take you both to police station for wearing so much gold ornaments. Lots of chain snatchers are at large in Balasore town, so if they are real put them in your bag or else you can move on.”
The lady thanked them for the good advice. After few minutes two masked men came in a bike and snatched away the bag, before she could realize what has happened they were gone with more than two lakhs worth of gold ornaments.
         3. (Risky business) in the busiest place of Balasore town there was a jewelry shop named “Laxmi jewelers”. The Owner was a very cleaver man& suspicious of every one including his wife. In the broad day light a young customer came and selected one golden necklace. The price was around two lakhs, so he paid rupees twenty thousand as advance for that particular necklace and told him that he will come with more money from ATM. So he did returned after half an hour and talked through his mobile with his mother about this particular ornament. She told him to look for better designs. So the owner displayed few more necklaces to the young customer. Within seconds all these were swiped off from the top of the show case and fled in a Pulsar with his friend who was waiting outside with ignition on. The total cost of those ornaments was more than Rs: 50 lakhs.
         4. (House swiping) the whole family went out to the house warming party of close relatives. They returned after three hours at 4pm to find the fritz, TV, Sofa set, Laptops, Cash(Rs-65000)+ gas cylinder & some ornaments were all gone. When they asked the neighbors they said ‘yes they have seen a mini truck’ when asked –“why they are taking away these goods?”
“Don’t you know they are shifting to station bazaar?” Came the sharp reply.
These are four recent incidences at Baleswar town which were very interesting; hence I thought to share them with my blog viewers. So the place where Gods are thieves what better behavior you expect from the public?

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.

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