18 March 2013


The so called neutral umpires are actually handpicked by different boards specially BCCI. Otherwise in the present series between Australia and India how come umpires from Sri Lanka and Pakistan are neutral? If that be so, why there were17 LBW decisions against Australia where as only 4 against India?
The Australian team is definitely a weak one with many new and young players. But Dharmasena and Dhar along with spineless batting by OZ batsman,won the series for India. That’s not fair cricket.The ICC must make DRS & drug testing mandatory and the 3rd umpire should also be from another country with good eyesight otherwise people like me will grumble. BCCI saw to it that the mistakes which cost them series against England were not repeated against Australia. Clarke and his other team mates will not mind handing over the Gavaskar—Border trophy to Dhoni, because next month they will be rubbing shoulders with the same players against whom they played and put up one of the most pathetic show in cricket history by an Australian team.
Here are some comments by ESPN>
(Kumar to Cowan, OUT, Cowan has been given. Bhuvneshwar gets a second, but this one seems to have pitched outside leg, plus Cowan has got a big stride in. This is slightly harsh, I think. He walks down the track, misses a length ball, but it has pitched half-half - half on the mat, half outside - and it still has a long way to go. Kettle borough is the umpire (??)
Ashwin to Hughes, OUT> that looks like a bad decision. Easily missing the leg stump. Short of a length, middle and leg, doesn't straighten enough. Given. A strange one from Dar. Even the impact was possibly outside leg stump.
Just saw the Clarke dismissal replays. To me, that was a no-ball. Anyway, let's see how long Australia can bat on against these two umpires?
Ashwin to Doherty, no run, India appeal for a ball pitched outside leg as Doherty pads up. Think they pushing their luck too far with Aleem Dar
Doherty to Pujara, no run, appeal for catch at slip but I felt lbw was a better shout. This one was full, but dipped on Pujara's feet, who flicked. Off the pad it went to slip where Clarke took the catch. Waiting for the replay to see if there was an edge. Oh boy, there is an inside edge. A clean deviation. Pujara has got away with one. Pujara now has had two inside edges gone undetected. One cost him his wicket, the other has given him a life. Its Kettleborough this time take this. Ashwin to Doherty, no run, India appeal for a ball pitched outside leg as Doherty pads up. Think they pushing their luck too far with Aleem Dar. These are few comments taken out of ESPN-cricinfo,not mine.Below is the pitiable site of Australian batsmen(Lamb) against the mighty Lion(India in its den)

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