01 March 2013


Many of our Odiya people who are staying abroad for various reasons must be eager to know what is happening in their state.Now Matriculation and Plus2 examination is in progress.Daily hundreds of students are caught red handed and expelled due to using unfair means.Some cases impersonation have come to notice of the police.Rasta roko(road block) or Rail Roko(Train block) do occur frequently due to fault of the victims who do not know the ABCD of road or rail safety but they beat up the truck or bus drivers and in some cases the engine driver.The block may last for 5 to 6 hours , then only the police or higher authorities get up from their siesta or sleep.Elephants are killed through high voltage currants or alcohol mixed with poison.The wood mafias and politicians are hand in glove and millions of trees are removed to neighbouring states.Rice is given to the BPL card holders for Rs.1 only where as the vegetable price is very high and most of the villages face drinking water problem in summer months.Lots of religious /cultural functions are held through out the year & corruption too is very high.Students and public have become very aggressive, intolerant and rough.This much for today, more interesting news from next week.(weekly bulletin)

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