02 March 2013


Its this 22 yards which decides who is a good or bad bowler or batsman.Strategy play a vital role in cricket.a team may be very strong but with out ideas its a mediocare team.Now lets analyse why Australian team is playing so badly over the years in India.

There is something grossly wrong over the selection policy in this country. They select players past their prime at the age of 29 or 30 yrs. Mike Hussey was selected when he was 29, where as Sachin and many Indian & subcontinent cricket players represent their country at a very early age for which they last long and contribute to the team. Virat was India’s under 19captain and has played against many present players in international cricket. How many under 19 players are in Australian team? A team with only one wicket keeper for a vital series, the next is aged 35+playing domestic cricket. The costliest player of IPL does not get a chance to play for OZ team where as MI has taken him in their team, what a paradox. Players do not know how to play off spin which is India’s strength, then why to include batsman who can not play them? Spinners should be groomed and coached by experts. It’s better to pick new players because they know if they fail then coming back is difficult. The 1st test was won due to Bhubaneswar Kumar not due to Dhoni. When no10 walked in the lead was hardly 20 odd runs but he gave support to his captain and Clarke went out of ideas and the match was lost there itself. Same about Henrique, he scored two 50 on a cultivation land.
Australian players are fragile like dried leaves ,may be they do lots of physical exercise or take performance enhancing food. Ask the physio to go on leave because with so much of cricket one does not need physical exercise; body needs rest to rewind the lost energy. Playing Watson as batsman only is like asking Ashwini to play as a batsman and not to bowl. I do not think this present Australian team can even win a single test match unless some Indian players get injured or do not play. Most of them are unfit or injured but by the time IPL starts every one will be fit, its money factor man, nothing else. Players are not committed for their own country and their focus is somewhere else.

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