31 May 2013


Dr.Senapati we used to fondly call her in the medicine department of Ispat General Hospital(I.G.H),Rourkela, under S.A.I.L.She was like my younger sister,beautiful to look at, she was a very good Odishi dancer in her college days.Very polite in her behavior to wards her colleagues as well as to her patients.Even though she could not get a chance to get her PG due to family commitments, she was in no way less than any of our present day Post Graduates.Her behavior was exemplary to every one.When i used to lose my temper she used to quieten me with her soothing words.Dr.Aparajeeta retired today31.5.2013 after long years of service at I.G.H.My family and me wish her the best during her post retirement life.
 From L.R-Dr.Aprajeeta-Dr.Rao and Joint Director Sanjeev Mohanty
Dr.Senapati(sited) amongst lady doctors of I.G.H.

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