17 May 2013


There are certain organs which are not required after certain age but likely to create problem in future. For example the scientist discover some gene which cost $5000 to $6000 for testing of breast cancer, for that they need a big propaganda through media -- such and such celebrity  removed  her  breasts because this test was positive. So that many women will rush to have that cancer detection gene test done for they are covered under insurance or they have money. A similar situation came up when the mammography machine came to market but as years passed by that tool was found to be just wastage of time and money now PET scan has taken over. Like match fixing in foot ball and cricket these doctors and scientist frighten the people and start doing a big business for that you need media, models and celebrities for a good business. Someone very famous star removed her breasts because her mother had cancer is going to have a huge mental and psychological stress on some women who had someone with similar problems. So why to go for these tests, or wait longer, it will be much cheaper to remove those organs mentioned below for longer life.
One can remove these organs and still continue to live, they are, one lung, one kidney, prostate,uterus both testes, both ovaries, spleen, one eye, half of thyroid or more,appendix,half of stomach or liver, frontal lobe of brain, single or both the breasts and many more but does it mean by doing this a person will become immortal?
The gene marker (BRCA1 or BRCA2) for breast cancer testing is a costly business and in due course it will go in to oblivion. People of Somalia are dying due to food, disease, water and shelter but why our celebrities are never concerned about those people and donate their huge earnings (they do not deserve that much) to save some human life? This is a cruel world, some are vulgar rich others sleep on road sides. How many of those now in Cannes festival are aware of sufferings of Somalia people?
The bottom line is that we are living in an advertisement world for business, be it medical, cosmetics or sports the gap between rich and poor are widening at a faster rate than AIDS. More number of healthy people dies in the every day, due to road traffic accidents than Cancer and AIDS put together. Tumor marker business is going to stay but how many people will get the benefit from it only time will tell.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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