14 May 2013


Road Traffic Accidents:
On Tuesday, the East Coast Railway observed the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (7th May) with much gusto, the railway officials distributed leaflets among passersby and vehicle drivers to make them aware about safety measures. A day later, the crossing was a scene of bloodshed. The Sambalpur Intercity Express rammed into a passenger vehicle killing five of them triggering angry protests. Most of the accidents at the unmanned level crossings occur due to the negligence, recklessness and drunken state of the vehicle drivers who do not observe mandatory signage, signals and basic traffic safety rules.
Compensations in any form is not going to solve this problem as long as we have a careless, indiscipline and breaking the rule attitude in India be it manned or unmanned level crossing. Can someone tell us why the ruffians asked the intercity passengers to get down from the train for no fault of theirs?
 With more educated people the number of deaths in India due to road and train accidents have increased to a dangerous proportions.There is a death trap waiting for any one who would like to have a glimpse of lord Jaganath at Puri, if you travel by a car from Bhubananeswar.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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