01 May 2013


“What is Z Security, Papa?” asked Sabu. “Why are you asking such absurd questions?” retaliated Goutam Sir, taking his eyes off Orissa Post.
“This is for my own interest papa, as there is no mention of ‘A’ even though it’s the first letter in the alphabet, do not be angry with me”, pleaded Sabu.
“Listen, there are four categories of security—Z+, Z, Y & X and each category has certain black cats security personnel, 36, 22, 11 and 2 respectively for each group of VVIPs or VIPs as the case may be.” Said HM Goutam.
“But our soldiers fighting against all odds for the country have no security. Why?” asked Sabu.
“They are neither VVIPs nor VIPs; they are paid to protect the country,” Goutam sir replied.
“But our Ministers and VVIPs are people’s representatives. Then why there is threat to them, even though many of them have criminal records? A student or a professor cannot meet an invited VVIP, then where is our democracy heading to?” Sabu looked agitated.
“Someone may kill them for which Opposition and media will play havoc with the Government, plus this is more of a status symbol rather than security. One VVIP visits means a few crores of rupees plus public harassment,” Goutam pointed out.
“Why our leaders are afraid of death? As such our parliament has many criminals as Ministers,” commented Sabu.
“Sabu, the rules are formulated by our judiciary and politicians. Who will then bell the cat? You know more than you are supposed to know, it’s a very difficult topic you see. Common men cannot meet their representatives while they are in office or after that, that’s Indian democracy for you, my son. They live in a world of their own hyped by the bureaucrats and media, we can just wait and watch them from the other side of the white painted barricade,’’ Goutam Sir summarised his opinion and asked Sabu to finish his homework.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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