26 June 2013

100th birth day celebration of ProfB.K.Satpathy

19 June 2013


Paper cutting from Surya Prabha Odiya news Paper(18.06.13)


Whether it's cricket, tennis or foot ball or badminton to much of any thing becomes a boring and stale affair for most of the viewers.Yes those who are very old, paralyzed person, or very lazy have nothing to do except watch the idiot box for entertainment might be enjoying it but any sensible men or women would definitely  not like to watch every other day the same players playing against one another in different countries.There is no change in rules or no excitement in the game due to too many tournaments and huge prize money.I fail to understand why a doctor or engineer or a engine driver would have to work for twenty years or more to have the same money and assets which a player who is hardly an under graduate would get  in three or four years?Some one may say -why don't you play? who prevents you from playing?But that is not the way to prove your point, just think over, just making twenty thirty runs and taking two or three wickets some one getting the salary of a medical officer or a Carpenter for working the whole month-Indian scenario!
Coming to the present Cricket- Champion's trophy at England, has been a boring affair as most of the important matches were either washed off or reduced to a 20--20 overs affairs.But MOM prize money is not reduced.There is no point of having this CT  just after 73 IPL matches, as most of the players are either unfit or jaded.
Earlier days once a player retires mean the end of him but now it's the reverse, as after retirement a foot ball, cricket or tennis player earns more than their playing days.There have to be balance some where.BCCI pays its players in dollars who participate in IPL.If you have noticed that after IPL started the rupee value have gone for a toss  some say if you throw a five hundred rupee note in New york, no American would pick it up because the bending down and getting a spasm would be costlier than the note.

After few months the third grade OZ cricket team will again come to India for yet another white wash but that's what Indian public would love to see, each over an opponent's wicket  or a six or four hit by Indian batsman in each ball.The Government is happy as it's coffers gets full, courtesy BCCI, the money would be used in the coming election and the youth are kept busy so that they do not go to cast their votes to remove this present corrupt UPA.Over and above there are fixers and boxers to earn in billions.
That's for you, watch India getting the trophy in an one sided finals may be a 20-20 affairs like IPL?

18 June 2013


From L>R=Binapani,Soubhagya(my sisters),My wife Kalyani& My elder brother's wife Susama.They all inspire me to write.
But not this one.

Let’s start with Nitish Kumar who snatched away some of the Muslim votes from RJD and with BJP help formed the government at Bihar. A 17 years friendship was wiped off because he has the number, an inflated Ego and Dadagiri. Suddenly he started talking against BJP& NM after getting a huge special aid from Sonia Gandhi from center. This is the ugly face of opportunism in politics.
Poor BJP party had been made a jackass similar to the Tom& Jerry cartoon show where the huge dog is fooled repeatedly by a small cat. This April fool method started with Mayabati at UP, after her term as CM ended, a BJP minister was supposed to be the next CM as per their agreement but Mayabati pulled the carpet and since then BJP is going downhill with each election in UP. Similar thing happened at Odisha, Karnataka and now in Bihar.
If a political party has somewhat Hindu inclinations then it’s fundamentalist and non secular party, that too in a Hindu majority country. What a shame on Hinduism!
In 1987 more than thousands of Sikhs were killed after the killing of the then PM of India. That Sikh massacre was the master mind of some of the congress politicians who have been convicted by the courts, which happened much before the Godhra killing. Congress has tried with all types of investigative agencies to implicate NM but have failed miserably. In the recent Municipality election BJP won all 18 seats, out of which 16 are Muslim candidates, what one can deduce from that? NM is anti Muslim or non secular?
The so called secularism actually does not exist with any party in India, you go to the south India there have been huge conversation of Hindus to Christians and these converted mass vote for the party so that they get all the benefits in the name of secularism. The recently elected Government of Karnataka immediately declared lifting the ban on sale of beef, why you know ?They won by margin of only 2% vote more than the other party just by promising the minority about lifting of this ban in advance before the election. This is secularism for you.
I have no grudge against any party but telling others as non secular and doing the same practice in different states is what—Pseudo secularism is. Congress party unleashed the Maoist in non congress states but once it back fired and their own party people were killed recently then only they realized the gravity of the situation that now this group will target politicians instead of security forces. Certain neighbouring states of Odisha are the two main breeding grounds for these internal terrorist of India but there is an unofficial order in both these states --to kill anyone suspected to be a Maoist. That way the number of destructive activities has been controlled in those states but that operation forced these groups to migrate to Odisha and Chhattisgarh to create further problem in these states.
With regional politics India will have a tough time ahead as the cocktail ministry would go for bribing, horse trading; black mailing and money for those parties who have more ministers at center as a result of which there will be more miss utilization of aids, more corruptions and the development work will be only an eye wash for the public. Ministers will become richer and regional parties will be stronger at the cost of the nation. When the congress party which was in power then, killed thousands of Sikhs as a revenge for the killing of the then PM of India, nothing happened to those blue eyed criminals, who were identified, convicted but moving freely as central minister because they are secular party where as NM who has not been proved to be the responsible for the killing at Godhra is repeatedly labeled as fundamentalist?? What logic! Last question about Godhra,—who instigated the killing of the karsevak? Who was the Railway minister then? The bottom line is we Hindus are cowards and self centered, otherwise why a country’s politicians with more than 75% Hindus are afraid of two very small minorities communities who decides the outcome of the election, be it at state level or at center? The reason being they are united a lot and vote en mass for a particular party as per the directive of their religious head where as Hindus from the beginning of history are divided and allow outsiders to invade the country and rule them.
What public come to know is through TV and newspapers which are fortunately for the ruling party and unfortunately for the country are in the hands of the ruling party. One simple example, ‘NM minister sent to jail’ but at the same time no news paper mentions about a congress minister sent to the same jail for similar offence. The BJP minister was not a minister when the charges were framed against him but just now to draw the public attention the lower court gives the verdict.
Those who think we are a secular, democratic, non apartheid country should visit different parts of the India to have a firsthand knowledge of the situation which prevail in our country. The press and media are with certain parties and write as per their direction hence the public gets distorted view and image of things happening around the country. BJP is slowly getting disintegrated due to wrong decisions at wrong time, for a coalition politics one has to learn from congress.
Last but not the least, Nitish Kumar took 17 long years to realize that BJP is not secular, but I have simple question? Is Congress secular, or SP or BSP or DMK secular? The country and vote bank are divided on these lines-- male & female, Hindu non Hindu, Hindu again divided as upper caste, lower caste, creed, colour, then Muslim and Christian, this is secularism for you. ‘Bharat Mata key Joy’
Bye for now.

17 June 2013


Anatomy teacher asked his students-“What is the difference between a male and a female body?”
“When the lady strip her body for a magazine she gets $millions, where as a man for similar exposure is sent to mental asylum.” Was the answer from a naughty student?

A school girl remarked to her class mate, “We girls can do everything what a boy student can do!”

Yes, agreed said the boy “but can you write the English digit eight on a sand bed using your urine stream?”


Press Release
Book release of The One-eyed Chick and Other Stories
By Basanta Kumar Satpathy
At India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

16 June 2013

New Delhi 16 June, The One-eyed Chick and Other stories, a collection of Odiya short stories by Basanta Kumar Satpathy (1913-1994) in English translation was released by Sri Pavan Kumar Varma (IFS), renowned author and Advisor to the Bihar Government at India International Centre on the 16th of June 2013.

The book has been edited by Professor Bikram Kumar Das for Delhi’s Worldview Publishers. It carries 18 of Satpathy’s most popular stories. Satpathy was born in the erstwhile princely state of Mayurbhanj and lived through the years of the formation of Odisha. He wrote many short stories and translated and adapted plays in Odiya. His stories are marked by a deep sense of humanitarian empathy for the poor and down-trodden as well as for the plant and animal kingdom. He was honored with numerous literary prizes including the prestigious Odisha Sahitya Academy award in 1968. 

Professor Harish Trivedi spoke on the book and well-known poet and painter, Dr. Sukrita Paul Kumari read a few excerpts from the book. Professor MakasriLal presided over the function. Many eminent writers and book lovers attended the function.

16 June 2013



Played Inter district cricket tournament at the age of 14 years from Parlakehmundi.He represented five districts during his cricketing career ie.Mayurbhanj, Paralakehemundi, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Rourkela. Those days taking hundred wickets were a difficult task for any bowler which he achieved in shortest of period.
On first class debut he took six wickets. He could not keep the promise which he showed during early part of his career. Some say he changed his action very frequently as a result he lost the lethal late out swing which was his wicket fetching ball.
In an all India inter university match at Patna he was involved in 16 dismissals against BHU.He took four wickets in one over in a university match. Sanjoy represented Utkal University for three years. Rourkela Steel Plant for five years and state for 23 times in Ranji trophy matches
Satpathy represented all India HSL team in Sheesmahal cricket tournament, and also in Frank Worrall tournament at Lucknow.
He represented East Zone cricket team against West Indies and Ceylon in the year 1974-75.
He was involved in a World record for dismissing a district team for two runs in the prestigious Kalahandi cricket tournament in the year 1972-73.Sanjoy along with his other partner G.Shankar (Played for Mysore University) demolished the other team (Keonjhar) within 4.3 over’s. In a first class Ranji trophy match against Assam Sanjoy and his new ball partner Sujit Mohanty.M.A reduced the opposition to 0 for 4 wickets and 26 for six when umpire's arrogant attitude deprived Orissa the match.He retired from first class cricket in 1978 to concentrate on his medical profession and went on to become a Gold medalist at BHU in Internal Medicine in the year 1983.
He says playing those days was a curse, as neither the parents, teachers nor the society liked any one one playing a game from a learned family.

14 June 2013


This is a mode of tough training for Olympics,  is this not a form of child labour?

What is child labour? A child working in a movie is not a child labour? Young Children below 14 to 17 years playing different games isn’t it a child labour? Children participating in different dance and music competition, isn’t it not a child labour?
India’s population is increasing at a very faster rate than the population of rabbits in the forests of India. Is it possible to give employment to everyone if he or she is a graduate? In low socioeconomic class the child of 10 to 12 years or more goes with his or her father/mother to the place of work and starts learning the trade which may be from waving carpets, stitching, hair cutting, cycle or car repair technique, so what is the problem with the public or the social activists? By the time ‘Munna’ or ‘Munni’ become 18 years he or she must have mustered the art of his or her father’s or mother’s trade, so you are getting an expert without investing anything. Most of these child labours are school drop outs because they have no interest or inclination to study as after class 8 standard in government schools no free food is supplied in mid-day meals. Sachin Tendulkar, Jennifer Capriati, Mustaq Mohammad, Douglas, Nadia Comaneci ,recently youth Olympics and many more played the game at a very young age and became world famous only because they could master the trade at an early age, isn’t it  a form of child labour? China trains it small children through torture for the Olympics, is it not child labour? All eyes are on India be it rape or child labour as if it’s only country with these problems.
Actually the problem is neither with the parents nor with the society but with the western media and few of our pseudo moralist sympathizers of children. 
Western people are worried because we get cheap product because of school drop outs managing the show in small road side hotels or garages or other places. Just take for example if the father teaches how to make Eco friendly earthen pots through our Indian way of making, then tell me where is the problem? The child goes to school and on holidays and during his or her free time helps the father or mother; do you call it technical training or child labour?Sending a 5 year child to school on a winter morning with 10 kg bag, isn't it a form of child torture/labour? If participating in a TV show or participating in football, cricket, swimming, chess or other tournament is not child labour then learning the art of making idols from earth or stones is also not child labour!
Yes to become famous some people show their concern for these children at road side so that they can get some rewards or awards but those same persons do not hesitate to kill those small children sleeping on foot path under their imported car wheels. It’s no body’s business if the parents have no objection to their children learning the trick of the trade and helping them to earn a few more bucks. Education is needed but degrees for jobs are a bogus thing. There are majority of children who simply do not want to read but play or help their parents, so let’s encourage them. Majority of car or scooter mechanics in India are not qualified but learn the trick from their guru or parents.
To conclude let’s not shout about this child labour business but be practical and go in depth to the cause and beneficial effects of this highly criticized condition of the western media called-- child labour.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy