18 June 2013


From L>R=Binapani,Soubhagya(my sisters),My wife Kalyani& My elder brother's wife Susama.They all inspire me to write.
But not this one.

Let’s start with Nitish Kumar who snatched away some of the Muslim votes from RJD and with BJP help formed the government at Bihar. A 17 years friendship was wiped off because he has the number, an inflated Ego and Dadagiri. Suddenly he started talking against BJP& NM after getting a huge special aid from Sonia Gandhi from center. This is the ugly face of opportunism in politics.
Poor BJP party had been made a jackass similar to the Tom& Jerry cartoon show where the huge dog is fooled repeatedly by a small cat. This April fool method started with Mayabati at UP, after her term as CM ended, a BJP minister was supposed to be the next CM as per their agreement but Mayabati pulled the carpet and since then BJP is going downhill with each election in UP. Similar thing happened at Odisha, Karnataka and now in Bihar.
If a political party has somewhat Hindu inclinations then it’s fundamentalist and non secular party, that too in a Hindu majority country. What a shame on Hinduism!
In 1987 more than thousands of Sikhs were killed after the killing of the then PM of India. That Sikh massacre was the master mind of some of the congress politicians who have been convicted by the courts, which happened much before the Godhra killing. Congress has tried with all types of investigative agencies to implicate NM but have failed miserably. In the recent Municipality election BJP won all 18 seats, out of which 16 are Muslim candidates, what one can deduce from that? NM is anti Muslim or non secular?
The so called secularism actually does not exist with any party in India, you go to the south India there have been huge conversation of Hindus to Christians and these converted mass vote for the party so that they get all the benefits in the name of secularism. The recently elected Government of Karnataka immediately declared lifting the ban on sale of beef, why you know ?They won by margin of only 2% vote more than the other party just by promising the minority about lifting of this ban in advance before the election. This is secularism for you.
I have no grudge against any party but telling others as non secular and doing the same practice in different states is what—Pseudo secularism is. Congress party unleashed the Maoist in non congress states but once it back fired and their own party people were killed recently then only they realized the gravity of the situation that now this group will target politicians instead of security forces. Certain neighbouring states of Odisha are the two main breeding grounds for these internal terrorist of India but there is an unofficial order in both these states --to kill anyone suspected to be a Maoist. That way the number of destructive activities has been controlled in those states but that operation forced these groups to migrate to Odisha and Chhattisgarh to create further problem in these states.
With regional politics India will have a tough time ahead as the cocktail ministry would go for bribing, horse trading; black mailing and money for those parties who have more ministers at center as a result of which there will be more miss utilization of aids, more corruptions and the development work will be only an eye wash for the public. Ministers will become richer and regional parties will be stronger at the cost of the nation. When the congress party which was in power then, killed thousands of Sikhs as a revenge for the killing of the then PM of India, nothing happened to those blue eyed criminals, who were identified, convicted but moving freely as central minister because they are secular party where as NM who has not been proved to be the responsible for the killing at Godhra is repeatedly labeled as fundamentalist?? What logic! Last question about Godhra,—who instigated the killing of the karsevak? Who was the Railway minister then? The bottom line is we Hindus are cowards and self centered, otherwise why a country’s politicians with more than 75% Hindus are afraid of two very small minorities communities who decides the outcome of the election, be it at state level or at center? The reason being they are united a lot and vote en mass for a particular party as per the directive of their religious head where as Hindus from the beginning of history are divided and allow outsiders to invade the country and rule them.
What public come to know is through TV and newspapers which are fortunately for the ruling party and unfortunately for the country are in the hands of the ruling party. One simple example, ‘NM minister sent to jail’ but at the same time no news paper mentions about a congress minister sent to the same jail for similar offence. The BJP minister was not a minister when the charges were framed against him but just now to draw the public attention the lower court gives the verdict.
Those who think we are a secular, democratic, non apartheid country should visit different parts of the India to have a firsthand knowledge of the situation which prevail in our country. The press and media are with certain parties and write as per their direction hence the public gets distorted view and image of things happening around the country. BJP is slowly getting disintegrated due to wrong decisions at wrong time, for a coalition politics one has to learn from congress.
Last but not the least, Nitish Kumar took 17 long years to realize that BJP is not secular, but I have simple question? Is Congress secular, or SP or BSP or DMK secular? The country and vote bank are divided on these lines-- male & female, Hindu non Hindu, Hindu again divided as upper caste, lower caste, creed, colour, then Muslim and Christian, this is secularism for you. ‘Bharat Mata key Joy’
Bye for now.

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