19 June 2013


Whether it's cricket, tennis or foot ball or badminton to much of any thing becomes a boring and stale affair for most of the viewers.Yes those who are very old, paralyzed person, or very lazy have nothing to do except watch the idiot box for entertainment might be enjoying it but any sensible men or women would definitely  not like to watch every other day the same players playing against one another in different countries.There is no change in rules or no excitement in the game due to too many tournaments and huge prize money.I fail to understand why a doctor or engineer or a engine driver would have to work for twenty years or more to have the same money and assets which a player who is hardly an under graduate would get  in three or four years?Some one may say -why don't you play? who prevents you from playing?But that is not the way to prove your point, just think over, just making twenty thirty runs and taking two or three wickets some one getting the salary of a medical officer or a Carpenter for working the whole month-Indian scenario!
Coming to the present Cricket- Champion's trophy at England, has been a boring affair as most of the important matches were either washed off or reduced to a 20--20 overs affairs.But MOM prize money is not reduced.There is no point of having this CT  just after 73 IPL matches, as most of the players are either unfit or jaded.
Earlier days once a player retires mean the end of him but now it's the reverse, as after retirement a foot ball, cricket or tennis player earns more than their playing days.There have to be balance some where.BCCI pays its players in dollars who participate in IPL.If you have noticed that after IPL started the rupee value have gone for a toss  some say if you throw a five hundred rupee note in New york, no American would pick it up because the bending down and getting a spasm would be costlier than the note.

After few months the third grade OZ cricket team will again come to India for yet another white wash but that's what Indian public would love to see, each over an opponent's wicket  or a six or four hit by Indian batsman in each ball.The Government is happy as it's coffers gets full, courtesy BCCI, the money would be used in the coming election and the youth are kept busy so that they do not go to cast their votes to remove this present corrupt UPA.Over and above there are fixers and boxers to earn in billions.
That's for you, watch India getting the trophy in an one sided finals may be a 20-20 affairs like IPL?

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