28 August 2013


A ruthless truck driver hit a young bull on its abdomen and hind limb. A crying yell of that calf bull echoed in that new apartment which was in process of storey building. The injured victim dragged itself and fell flat on a sand bed. Other grown up bulls and its mother paid a curtsy visit to their child but could not help him to get up as he had sustained a fracture of the pelvis bone. Two days passed off and everyone around thought that it’s going to die soon. No water and no food made the little bull weak; the abdomen got swollen up due to some internal bleeding. The truck driver repented for the mistake, he was told by others that -- killing a cow or a bull amounts to insurmountable misery and suffering and there is no escape from it unless someone follow certain rituals as per Hindu sastra. So the driver shaved off his hair and started taking care of the injured bull but there was no improvement. The injured fellow lied down without food and water. The country dogs started cleaning the ticks from the black coat of the bull. Slowly the beautiful velvety black coat became a dull one with passing days resembling a black withered umbrella cloth.
After a week the driver was sacked from his job, as after that accident fresh problems started coming up about the authenticity of the land where the building was coming up in haste. Some Samaritan fed the injured bull with cabbage leaves, potato and skin of jackfruits but was on that sand bed under the sun and open sky. His mother started to give him company by sleeping near her son at night.
As the rains came four people with the help of a samiyana lifted the young bull and shifted it in to that building which was under construction so that it gets protection from sun and rain. This was done with a selfish motive as a marriage function was coming up nearby house. Left to its fate the mother left her bullson who started making feeble attempts to stand up but the broken bone prevented him to stand even for a few minutes. After a month when everyone around were thinking of where to bury the bull were surprised one morning to watch a limping fellow all skeleton and bruised  abdomen skin  grazing grass.
                     Neither orthopedic surgery nor abdominal surgery was performed on this poor animal but only the affections of the country dogs that used to give him company at night and his mother’s sympathy made his fate take a U turn in life. Someone informed that the truck driver died after a fatal accident and the house builder’s son got divorced after the recent episode. The bull has survived the insult of the truck and is able to walk with a dragging left hind leg, appears to have put on some weight and the gloss on her black skin is slowly returning to its normal texture.  The controversial apartment has become a resting house for the stray dogs, our young bull son and few cows during rains and nights. Some say nature has its own ways and means of life and the word impossible is not in its dictionary.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
Written on Janmastami day-2013


26 August 2013


                                   Thirty feet above the ground on a bamboo--courtesy  Kalyani.
                                   Next to it is a Champa tree in full bloom.


SHORT MEMORY OF INDIANS: Someone recently told 90% Indians are fools but he was compelled to swallow his words because it was not secular statement:

WORST riot 1: 1947 Communal riots in Bengal | 5000-10000 Killed | Ruling party happened to be Congress

Riot 2: 1969 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad | More than 512 Killed in the city. 3000 to 15000 range in the entire state | Riots for 6 months | Ruling party happened to be Congress

Riot 3: Oct 1984 | Communal riots in Delhi | 2733 Killed | Ruling party Congress | Almost 100% casualty were Sikhs, which makes this a Rajiv Gandhi led genocide on India's minorities | Followed by “Big Tree falls” justification too from the Prime Minister!

Riot 4: Feb 1983 | Communal violence in Nellie, Assam | 2000-5000 killed | PM – Indira Gandhi (Congress party) - India's worst slaughter of Muslims in any single riot (just 6 HOURS)

Riot 5: 1964 Communal riots in Rourkela & Jamshedpur | 2000 Killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 6: August 1980 | Moradabad Communal riots | Approx 2000 Killed | Ruling Party Congress

Riot 7: October 1989 | Bhagalpur, Bihar riots | 800 to 2000 killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 8: Dec 1992 - Jan 1993 | Mumbai, Maharashtra riots | 800 to 2000 killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 9: April 1985 | Communal riots in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | At least 300 Killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 10: Dec 1992 | Aligarh, UP | At least 176 killed | Ruling party Congress (President's rule)

Riot 11: December 1992 | Surat, Gujarat | At least 175 killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 12: December 1990 | Hyderabad, AP | At least 132 killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 13: August 1967 | 200 Killed | Communal riots in Ranchi | Party ruling again Congress

Riot 14: April 1979 | Communal riots in Jamshedpur, West Bengal | More than 125 killed | Ruling party CPIM (Communist Party)

Riot 15: 1970 | Bhiwandi communal riots in Maharashtra | Around 80 killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 16: May 1984 | Communal riots in Bhiwandi | 146 Killed, 611 Inj | Ruling party Congress | CM – Vasandada Patil

Riot 17: Apr-May 1987 | Communal violence in Meerut, UP | 81 killed | Ruling party Congress

Riot 18: July 1986 | Communal violence in Ahmadabad, Gujarat | 59 Killed | Ruling party Congress

Why are we so obsessed with just 2002 Gujarat riots alone ?
Let’s be honest.  .  .

Do we have problem with riots or.  .  . With Modi? \
And Media Led by Times; Headlines & NDTV seems to be puppet of Congress which leaves no stone unturned in maligning the image of Modi but have no time for major issues of society.

23 August 2013


16 August 2013


No photo shop or any thing artificial.Sunset at Bangiriposi, behind the Hills of Similipal on 14.8.13 evening 1901 hours.Camera used--OlympusVG-120


 This is mysterious village called PANDHADA of Mayurbhanj district state of Odisha.There were about 21brahmin families, but where from they came and why they choose to stay in a barren land surrounded by thick forest and inhibited by poisonous snakes, minimum rain fall,too hot and too cold summer,unfertilized lands with only five ponds but getting drinking water from well or tube well is a very difficult job due to rocks at the bottom.Summer months most of the tube wells gets dried up.People of this place eating habits are very peculiar.The staple food is puffed rice.Basically very tough but lazy people, gets contented with little food and money.They are expert in caricature and criticize themselves ,happy go lucky type.No rape case reported yet.Some brilliant people have come out from this village from Excellent teachers , administrators, Players, Chou dancers,Professors and many unsung personalities.Parents were proud if their children do well in studies.One such student of this village Mr.Nihar Hota was a topper and was a top ranking IAS officer.The other jewels were many but Prof.Basanta Satpathy son of Bholanath Satpathy was simply brilliant.Santanu & Sumanyu Satpathy are Professors of Utkal and Delhi university respectively.Now majority of the third generation have shifted to big cities and very few visit their parental village.Recently sons of Basanta Babu>Dr.Sanjoy,Prof Sumanyu , Santanu& Surjeet visited Pandhda village.Here is a list of families who inhibited this place first.

 Top picture:From to to bottom>1.Senior most villager with the yellow color lungi,2.next>Prof Basanta babu supervising the cultivation,3.Young girls reciting the opening song,4.Prof santanu with his contemporary friend in a function at Pandhda Basanta Nida.

Pandhda village Brahmin Families:
1. Khetramohan nanda2.Harihar Nanda3.Narayan Nanda (3 brothers)
A: Son of Khetramohan >Purusotaam Nanda)
B: Son of Harihar> (   )
C: Son of Narayan Nanda>Amiya (Puntia mamu),Biswanath(Katu),Ranjit(Kebed)
2. Dwarikanath Mishra (Post office, Pradhana ghara) had two sons A.Purnachandra B.Prafulla Chandra son Sapan—bayee&Paltu
3. Gadadhar Nanda> son Atul nana
4. Annantaprasad Sarangi (corner house in front of Atul nana’s house)
5. Fakirmohan Hota had 4 sons>a.Iswar  b.Narendra  c.Surendra d.Bipin

6. Jadunath Mishra had 4 sons>a.Judhistria-Bayeeb.Laxmidhar—Ganja c.Purnachandra—Kulu d.Phetan –Fotey
7. Ghasi Mishra—(next to Kailash mishra’s house)-musical man died early.
8. Akhila Mishra had a son>KailashMishra had 3 sons>a.Binodb.Bulu c.Soroj& 3 daughters>Bahagarnani,Dukun and Suba
9.Padmalochan and Purnachandra Mishra two brother near to our house on south side.Purnachandra had a son Khitish
10. Pruthu Mishra & Hrushikesh Mishra two brother on the north side of Bhalanath Satpathy’s house.
11.Purthu Mishra had three sons>a.Harihara b.Gadadharc.Jagdish
12.Krushna Chandra & Bholanath  Satpathy are two brothers.
13.Krishna Chandra had two sons Vijoy(sarbabu) and Dhiren(kalapanda)
14.Damurdhar Satpathy & Lombodar Satpathy are two brothers.Aditya is the only son of Damurdhar.Rabindra and his brother are two sons.
15.Krushna(Sankha) and Radhanath Sarangi(Radhu) are two brothers.
16.Radhu had 3 sons—Gadadhar,Iswar & Parameswar.
17.Bithal my class mate son of Krushna Chandra.
18. Gadadhar Sarangi had 2 sons—Govinda & Rama
20. Khetramohan Otha had two sons a.sirish &2.Rajkishor
21. Sirish Ottaa had five sons>a.niharb.monoranjan c.chittaranjan d.Bipin e.Faklu
21. GovindaChandra Nanda (in front of our house )had a son Sasadhara nanda
22. Girish Panigrahi (next house of Narayan aja)
23. Dadi ghara pacha,(Back side)a.Govinda Mishra and Radhanath Mishra are 2 brothers.
23. Bholanth Satpathy had 3 sons >a.Basantab.Prasana c.Santosh
24. Basanta had five sons> a.santanu b.sanjoyc. Sumanyu d.surjit  e.soyambhu
25. Prasana had one son Subasish (Omfed),
26. Santosh had one son Debashis (NGO)
 From Harinanda to Fakir Hota clock wise.1.Harinana>2.Khetra Nanda>3.Diwakar Mishra>4.Jadunath Mishra>5.Ghasi Mishra>6.Akhilesh Mishra>7.Purna Chandra>8.Bholanath>9.PurthuMishra>10.Hrusikesh Mishra>11.DamurdharSatpathy>12.Gadadhar/Atul Nanda>13.Krushna Chandra Satpathy>14.Khurnachandra Sarangi>15.RadhanathSarangi>16.Annanta Sarangi>17.Khetramohan Otta>18.Govinda Nanda>19.Narayan Nanda>20.Girish Panigrahi>21.Fakirmohan Hota

15 August 2013


Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy,M.D was invited as the chief speaker at Simanta Mahavidyalaya 34th foundation day function.Dr.Sanjoy delivering his speech and the audience in the hall.Situated 36 kilometers from Baripada.

09 August 2013


                            ID MUBARAK TO ALL MY MUSLIM FRIENDS & VIEWERS

06 August 2013


To know more about Baripada ,read An Odiya book- Baripada-Baripada by Mr. Priyabrata Das
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01 August 2013