16 August 2013


 This is mysterious village called PANDHADA of Mayurbhanj district state of Odisha.There were about 21brahmin families, but where from they came and why they choose to stay in a barren land surrounded by thick forest and inhibited by poisonous snakes, minimum rain fall,too hot and too cold summer,unfertilized lands with only five ponds but getting drinking water from well or tube well is a very difficult job due to rocks at the bottom.Summer months most of the tube wells gets dried up.People of this place eating habits are very peculiar.The staple food is puffed rice.Basically very tough but lazy people, gets contented with little food and money.They are expert in caricature and criticize themselves ,happy go lucky type.No rape case reported yet.Some brilliant people have come out from this village from Excellent teachers , administrators, Players, Chou dancers,Professors and many unsung personalities.Parents were proud if their children do well in studies.One such student of this village Mr.Nihar Hota was a topper and was a top ranking IAS officer.The other jewels were many but Prof.Basanta Satpathy son of Bholanath Satpathy was simply brilliant.Santanu & Sumanyu Satpathy are Professors of Utkal and Delhi university respectively.Now majority of the third generation have shifted to big cities and very few visit their parental village.Recently sons of Basanta Babu>Dr.Sanjoy,Prof Sumanyu , Santanu& Surjeet visited Pandhda village.Here is a list of families who inhibited this place first.

 Top picture:From to to bottom>1.Senior most villager with the yellow color lungi,2.next>Prof Basanta babu supervising the cultivation,3.Young girls reciting the opening song,4.Prof santanu with his contemporary friend in a function at Pandhda Basanta Nida.

Pandhda village Brahmin Families:
1. Khetramohan nanda2.Harihar Nanda3.Narayan Nanda (3 brothers)
A: Son of Khetramohan >Purusotaam Nanda)
B: Son of Harihar> (   )
C: Son of Narayan Nanda>Amiya (Puntia mamu),Biswanath(Katu),Ranjit(Kebed)
2. Dwarikanath Mishra (Post office, Pradhana ghara) had two sons A.Purnachandra B.Prafulla Chandra son Sapan—bayee&Paltu
3. Gadadhar Nanda> son Atul nana
4. Annantaprasad Sarangi (corner house in front of Atul nana’s house)
5. Fakirmohan Hota had 4 sons>a.Iswar  b.Narendra  c.Surendra d.Bipin

6. Jadunath Mishra had 4 sons>a.Judhistria-Bayeeb.Laxmidhar—Ganja c.Purnachandra—Kulu d.Phetan –Fotey
7. Ghasi Mishra—(next to Kailash mishra’s house)-musical man died early.
8. Akhila Mishra had a son>KailashMishra had 3 sons>a.Binodb.Bulu c.Soroj& 3 daughters>Bahagarnani,Dukun and Suba
9.Padmalochan and Purnachandra Mishra two brother near to our house on south side.Purnachandra had a son Khitish
10. Pruthu Mishra & Hrushikesh Mishra two brother on the north side of Bhalanath Satpathy’s house.
11.Purthu Mishra had three sons>a.Harihara b.Gadadharc.Jagdish
12.Krushna Chandra & Bholanath  Satpathy are two brothers.
13.Krishna Chandra had two sons Vijoy(sarbabu) and Dhiren(kalapanda)
14.Damurdhar Satpathy & Lombodar Satpathy are two brothers.Aditya is the only son of Damurdhar.Rabindra and his brother are two sons.
15.Krushna(Sankha) and Radhanath Sarangi(Radhu) are two brothers.
16.Radhu had 3 sons—Gadadhar,Iswar & Parameswar.
17.Bithal my class mate son of Krushna Chandra.
18. Gadadhar Sarangi had 2 sons—Govinda & Rama
20. Khetramohan Otha had two sons a.sirish &2.Rajkishor
21. Sirish Ottaa had five sons>a.niharb.monoranjan c.chittaranjan d.Bipin e.Faklu
21. GovindaChandra Nanda (in front of our house )had a son Sasadhara nanda
22. Girish Panigrahi (next house of Narayan aja)
23. Dadi ghara pacha,(Back side)a.Govinda Mishra and Radhanath Mishra are 2 brothers.
23. Bholanth Satpathy had 3 sons >a.Basantab.Prasana c.Santosh
24. Basanta had five sons> a.santanu b.sanjoyc. Sumanyu d.surjit  e.soyambhu
25. Prasana had one son Subasish (Omfed),
26. Santosh had one son Debashis (NGO)
 From Harinanda to Fakir Hota clock wise.1.Harinana>2.Khetra Nanda>3.Diwakar Mishra>4.Jadunath Mishra>5.Ghasi Mishra>6.Akhilesh Mishra>7.Purna Chandra>8.Bholanath>9.PurthuMishra>10.Hrusikesh Mishra>11.DamurdharSatpathy>12.Gadadhar/Atul Nanda>13.Krushna Chandra Satpathy>14.Khurnachandra Sarangi>15.RadhanathSarangi>16.Annanta Sarangi>17.Khetramohan Otta>18.Govinda Nanda>19.Narayan Nanda>20.Girish Panigrahi>21.Fakirmohan Hota

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