05 September 2013


Washington news August-26th: Orissa Post front page news was like washing people’s hunger through noodle slurp. Where are our nutrition experts of India? Our age old Indian staple food -pressed rice (CHUDA) with molasses (Guda) or dahi is more than a complete food for the hungry world population. Prof Gewertz’s opinion may not be applicable to the under developed or developing countries including India ,where more than 70% stay in villages and use firewood for cooking. Some one thought that there is some hidden agenda behind this ‘noodle news’. With one rupee rice, converting it to Chuda would be no problem for the government to supply hence we suggest CHUDA with GUDA (molasses) would be the best to remove hunger from the world. That would be more than a complete food if Milk or Yogurt (dahi)or plantain(kela) can be added to it. Another very high calories food is ‘Mysorepak’ can be used for malnourished children, even one can take it to moon no problem, seldom gets spoiled. Let’s us be more practical and follow our age old ethnic diet rather than feeding our children with these white refined noodle which is only starch.

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