11 October 2013


There was a scientific as well an astrological predictions that the world would come to an end after 2012.Many people were happy, some were excited, some put their money on gambling, few got married without further waiting, some purchased gold ornaments and few sold off their one year old car and purchased a Sedan from Toyota. Suddenly there was business boom throughout the world. The effect too was on our close friends Abhisekh and Naresh in two different ways.
“Naresh, what is your planning for dooms day?”An excited Abhisekh asked his friend.
“No planning.”Naresh replied coolly
“You are a peculiar fellow, everyone has kept a huge vegetables stock, rice, bread, chicken, beer bottles, hard drinks, filled up their bike& cars up to the brim and you say you are not concerned!”Abhisekh told in an angry tone.
“You tell me, what is your planning& how you are keeping yourself ready for the day?” Naresh interjected.
“I have withdrawn two lakhs from bank; have purchased four bottles of blue label Johnny Walker, kept enough food to last for few months, will present my wife and few girl friends with costly cloths and gifts, will go to club daily and drink as much as I can plus a new plasma TV and many other gadgets which may or may not be required. There is a huge list which I cannot narrate to you in detail!” Abhisekh replied in one breath.
“But all of us would be dead after the doomsday strikes the world, so how these gadgets and food or drinks would be of help to you or your family?”Naresh asked his friend while sipping fruit juice.
“The desires of life would be fulfilled. You cynic fellow would not understand the purpose of life.” an angry Abhisekh replied.
“But…if the prediction goes wrong, then? Earlier too there were similar predictions, nothing happened a few died because of some other reasons. You know these are fixed predictions between the scientists and the business community, only fools live for another day.”  Naresh was forth right in his reply.
“You are a peculiar fellow. How can science fail and be fixed like IPL matches?” asked Abhisekh.
“You see by such predictions people get panicky and go on frantic buying spheres. Consume alcohol, go for gambling, starts unnecessary spending and eating because as such they are going to die soon and this is the best way to live. So this situation gets exploited by the business community and at times by some political parties, but remember Naresh they know that nothing is going to happen and this is the best time for earning few more extra bucks, they hoard and sell in higher price, otherwise they too are bound to die then why do not they give it for free? These are all big hoax which comes once in a while to boost up the economy of different industries. If it comes no one can do anything about it. Burning candles and holding ply cards won’t have any effect on the cyclone or earth-quakes. See there was prediction in USA but they could not save those thousands of lives, one cannot fight against the furry of nature, if it does happen then a new world starts till similar predictions are forecast!” smiling Naresh opined.
“Thank you friend you have opened my eyes, these are like those parrots with a prediction card in front of Courts where anxious people flock around.” A depressed Abhisekh said.
Yes, Abhisekh, human mind is self centered, brittle & afraid of death. Remember friend that dialogue in Sholay film “A coward dies hundred deaths.”
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

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