05 October 2013


When Obama became the President of USA i was very happy to see a black person heading the most powerful country in the world.I had sent one letter to his office and have got the acknowledgement.In that e-mail i had requested him to take some steps so that the whole world gains out of it. That was just after my return from USA in the year 2007-8.Ask your people to share cars or use small cars.The USA open prize money to be reduced to half.Public transport must improve and public should use trains in stead of planes. Unfortunately the railway connectivity in USA is very poor and costly as the people over there think poor people only travel in trains.The space programme should be curtailed as nothing more to gain with these costly projects.Rather we should make earth a healthy place to live.The salary of the people to be reduced to half including President.India copied USA culture and the result is both these countries are under going financial crisis. The basic problem of inflation is too much money in circulation or people are paid more than they deserve.That letter must have been erased from the mail box but i have a copy of it with me.

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