29 November 2013


DUSKY LIGHT (musing)

One of Virendra critics and fast friend, Subashis asked him about his reactions to those two Ratna awards recently bestowed upon two Indians one from Maharashtra and another from Karnataka. Virendra’s reaction were cool and he remained silent about his comment. But Subashis knew his friend very well; hence pestered him “speak out or else you may fall sick!”
“Why you are after me, don’t you watch TV or read news papers? A dead man can also tell you what is happening in the country, cricket—cricket and cricket. The country has come to a standstill, you can feel it and smell it as simple as that and you want me to go against the stream and get blasted? After all BR is not a small thing. Simply one may not digest my comment, when the whole country is celebrating this billionaire rich cricketer’s retirement?”Virendra lost his cool and said.
“But you are a critic& speak quite differently from others, for that reason I have come all the way from my house.” Subashis said smilingly.
“You have no work it seems? Want to listen to my worthless reactions about the highest award of the largest democratic country called India? Then listen. In what way me or my family or your family or the country would be benefited? Tell me, would the price of potato or onion or gold be reduced as a respectful gesture for these two gentlemen by the businessmen or the chief ministers or the purchasing power of rupee would go up? These are big hoax by the ruling party to divert the attention of the people. Once we stop watching cricket the country’s working hours and productivity would improve. UPA Govt. has given Bharat Ratna to Sachin only to divert our minds from their failures, corruptions etc. The Cricket God may save them from rout next year. There are so many other great players who are waiting for their turn but would die out without getting any. Media has become so powerful that they can make anyone a hero or a zero. Sachin is a good player but not so good, an overrated player. The foreign doctors with their expertise, selectors and public money kept him going for last 24 years, credit must be given to them too. BCCI has become very powerful because of our huge population and failure in other games. Remember this, actual cricket is dying slowly and slowly and exhibition, cheer girls and money power has come into force, where everything has become commercial. Corporate has entered into this game.Regarding the other gentleman I do not know much but there was some controversy of plagiarism. His student saved him from that, he was criticized by Indian scientist for these incidents and passing on the responsibility and blame to the junior scientists which saved him from embarrassments.”   Virendra commented in one breath.
“That’s exactly why I came to you.” An excited Subashis said.
“One thing good about this BR is the Award does not carry any monetary grant. In terms of Article 18 (1) of the Constitution, the award cannot be used as a prefix or Suffix to the recipient's name. It’s awarded by the President --not by the people of India!” Are you satisfied or still call me cynic?
“Had that been so I would have never come to you.”   Subashis was still smiling and waving his hand before the car disappeared slowly in the evening dusky light and smog.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy
PS:This farewell was artificial like Hindi films. The tour of WI was arranged at the last moment so that India say good bye to Sachin with a win. A big drama was enacted by the mafia of cricket the BCCI otherwise this God would not have retired. I did not shed a single drop of tear neither I watched that one sided street cricket. One feels sad when someone dies or retires as was the practice earlier as that person would not be seen again but here from tomorrow onwards he would be the adviser or coach or a commentator then why should one feel sad? He was earlier worth per second $50 now after retirement he may earn$75 per second. The charm of cricket is lost it's like an empty bottle of Pepsi or a Beer cane --totally commercialized.

28 November 2013


This is a unique village in the sense that there is no river nearby within a radius of five kilometers plus this place is much higher than other places hence no flood no water logging. Cold wintery nights and hot summer with frequent power cuts or no electricity for days are usual norms and people have got adjusted to it. The evening power cut is from 7PM to 930PM, so ladies go to sleep early and get up at 930 pm to watch TV serials. Earlier there was problem in drinking water facilities due to very low water levels but with change of ecology water level has come up and there are more than ten deep tube wells in the village. At one point of time this was the most educated village in the whole of Odisha state in India. This was known as ‘Pandhda Brahmin Sasan’, the cultivation land & the village was donated to these Brahmin by the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj. Pandhda means a place surrounded by forest. This village is surrounded by several small and big ponds.  One can find Brahmins, tribal and other lower cast people living in unison at this unique village. No rapes no murders. People are peace loving but lazy. There is one 100 years old high school and ME school where coeducation exists without problem. Pandhda is situated some45 kilometers from Baripada, ten kilometers from national high way-5 from Bombay Chaka and 265 kilometers from Kolkata and 150 kilometers from Jharkhand. The nearest railway station Rajaloka is situated at a distance of 7 kilometers& Bangriposhi around 10 kilometers away. No noise pollution no sound pollution, if you want to enjoy a real village life this is the place but do not expect to get food of your choice. Mudhi (puffed rice) is the staple &most liked food stuff of that village. 
Famous personalities of this village are:BasantaKumarSatpathy,SatakodiHota,NiharHota,PrashanaSatpathy,
HariharSatpathy,SishirHota,Monoranjan Hota, Jagdishmishra, Prof.Santanu Satpathy,ProfSumanyuSatpathy,Dr.Sanjoy Satpathy, Dr. Sorojini Satpathy, Sabita Pattnaik, Dilip Mishra and many more.
Watch these photos taken recently by the blog owner: Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy medicine specialist, ex Ranji Trophy player, Odiya & English short story writers. One can read his articles and stories in different Odiya and English news papers (Orissa Post) published from Bhubaneswar.
Badatalia pond with water lilies
Time to harvest

Bed of staws
No Work,Relaxing.

Open air saloon

Festival Time

23 November 2013


If some one is thinking of investing his or her money in hospital business then he/ she must think twice.Both Hotel and Hospital starts with"H" but risks are wide apart,one deals with normal people who come to enjoy where as other one is full of sufferings may ultimately die.If you have read different news papers of India then you would realize how difficult it is to run a hospital.This piece of advice comes from this blog owner who has the experience of three decades of hospital practice.

21 November 2013

Orissa Post

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18 November 2013


             This photo was taken at Pandhda on the 15th morning through Olympus VG-120 camera.

16 November 2013


                                                                    THE DANCE
                                                THE GODDESS TREE--KARMA

                                                                The Group dance
Photo:SanjoyKumar Satpathy

This triba festival of Orissa is observed as a mark of respect to the “Karama tree” which is worshipped by these tribal. The presiding deity of this festival is either 'Karama', a God or 'Karamasani', a Goddess who is represented with a branch of Karama tree. The celebration takes place in the bright half of the month of 'Bhadrab' during the rainy season. As a ritual, people go to the jungle accompanied by groups of drummers and cut one or more branches of Karama tree. These branches are mostly carried by unmarried young girls who sing in praise of the deity. The branches are brought to the village and planted in the centre of a ground, which is plastered with cow-dung and decorated with flowers. After performing all rituals, the tribal priest known as Jhankar or Dehuri offers germinated grams and liquor in propitiation to the deity who grants wealth and children. A fowl is also sacrificed and the blood is offered to the branch. Then, he narrates a legend to the villagers about the efficacy of Karama Puja.

12 November 2013


                The top clipping is from Orissa Post and the bottom one is from Odiya Daily Suryaprava.

04 November 2013


                                                            Happy Diwali to all my viewers