10 December 2013


Bravery Award:
Ramesh (L) & (Govinda(R)  who make both their ends meet by ferrying people, motor cycle, cycle, cattle, food grains and pilgrims to the other side of the River Tel are my Bravery Award winners for the year 2013. This Tel River meets its end by getting itself submerged with river Mahanadi at Sonpur. These two boatmen could save two lives of those students who had come to have a picnic during Puja Holiday’s (2013-Oct) when they were swept away by high water current of river Tel .Two got drowned another two could save could save themselves by swimming to the river bank and other two were rescued by these boat man who live on the meager charge of Rs10/- from each passenger. Many people get bravery award for doing nothing but these innocent people are not recognized by any one for their effort to save two young lives risking their own life because saving a drowning man needs expertise.I was fortunate to meet them on my recent visit to different parts of Balangir- Odisha.The river Tel is on their back side.

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