22 January 2014


  Mango Fiasco

 The mango season was fast receding at Rourkela, a city in the eastern part of India where the choicest mango from north India comes.  Swagat is very fond of mangoes but enjoy it most if it’s not from his own pocket. He was given an ultimatum by his wife Kalyani to bring “Chossa” mango or else things will take an ugly turn in the home front. “Chossa” being the costliest mango during that time of the season, Swagat used to make some plea like better quality mango will come after 2 days or Neelam mango is only available or the market was closed as that was the last Friday of the month and so on and so forth so that he gets the excuse from his wife.

But this time there was no escape -he had to bring the mango of “her” choice .The lady of the house had enough information about the market position of mangoes. Due to distance factor Kalyani could not go to the market of her own.

While coming from the office our officer Swagat went to his known shopkeeper Laxman who supposed to be selling mango at a reduced price especially to him but infect he was charging more than others. Swagat is a peculiar character in the sense that he feels heaviness in chest when he goes to bring money from bank or has to pay some one.
When he asked “Laxman” what is the price?
“Eighty” for you sir!
“Make it sixty and give mango worth hundred.
“So it be”
The selected mangoes were weighed and packed in a polythene bag.
As Swagat put his hand on the back pocket the purse was gone. When he almost collapsed on the ground when some people came to his rescue and made him sit on a near by concrete bench marked by birds droppings. Swagat had the maximum money in his purse for the first time in life, the petro card, pay slips, newly acquired ATM card and the driving license.
Laxman asked a shocked Swagat “if he would call a taxi or he can go back home of his own?”

Swagat told that his pocket has been picked with very important documents and currency notes. He is not in a position to pay for the mangoes.

Laxman told “sir,pay it next time.”

With heavy heart Swagat went near the police station to lodge a FIR but there was no one to accept his complaint. So he came back home still sweating with a shrunken face. He was cursing himself for his negligence.

It was 2:30pm and by that time he would have been very hungry but the huge loss was a great shock for him. Brooding over the lost purse Swagat entered the house with the black polythene bag with the mangoes.
After removal of shoes he went straight to the bed room and laid down flat. His wife was puzzled by her husband’s behavior asked “is every thing ok?”
“Yes, yes” replied Swagat.
“Then why instead of asking for lunch you have gone straight to the bed room?”
Swagat replied – “I am feeling dizzy; please give me a glass of cold water”.
“That would spoil your appetite”
“Let it be, I don’t feel like eating” Swagat replied
“Is some thing wrong with you? Let’s go to hospital or I call your friend Dr.Parida?”
“Neither hospital nor a doctor could make me feel better except the time”.
Wife could smell that some thing was wrong with Swagat but could not make it out what it could be.

After half an hour Swagat left for his office and on the way took a chance to lodge the FIR but till then no one had turned up in the police station except some hungry lockup youths who were shouting for food.
Swagat finished his office work and it was time to go back home. Again he went to the police station for help. But he was asked by the I/C officer to prove that his purse has actually been picked then only they will accept the complaint. Another witness signature is also required for completion of the formalities. Swagat thought to him self with so much paper work and the uncertainty, it’s better to come next day with a friend known to these police people. He badly needed a certificate from police for the duplicate ATM and driving license.
After parking his car in the garage he closed the gate when a smiling Kalyani, with heavy makeup and a gorgeous sari greeted Swagat.
She broke the silence and said-
“Relax Swagat; relax why you are so tense?”
“You probably don’t know what ails me today?”commented Swagat.
“Yes I know every thing”
“Come on?”
After you left for the office a young boy came and handed over your purse with a letter written in Hindi, should I read it for you?”
“Yes,be quick”-replied Swagat.
The letter read like this “ sorry, sir for the trouble, Munna picked your pocket near the car park. When he deposited the purse with me I saw your photograph and your home address, at once I asked the boy to return it to you. He did not know that you are same the person who saved my life when I had brain malaria last year. Please inform me in future if there is any problem regarding theft or criminal threats in my mobile no 88997766…..”

 Swagat got so excited that he lifted his wife from the ground and told her “Criminals too have a heart”

 sanjoy kumar satpathy

21 January 2014


Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy was felicitated by Sahoyogi Bilingual          magazine under Utkal Sahitya Samaj banner at Sri Ramchadra Bhanj auditorium,Cuttack on 21st of January-2014 for his contribution to Odiya literature.


                                           Watch the multiple electric connections from one pole.

20 January 2014



As the sky gets darker and darker
The wind stops blowing

Dogs and bulls have taken shelter
As people confine to the four walls

Warning after warning the wind speed may cross three digits
The cyclone gets five out of five as our heart beats faster

Suddenly the sky broke the wind blows 
 Like a trailer before a horror film the Phailin gets ready

The electricity is gone so also the internet
Old & the young waits in eagerness for the Phailin

Past midnight it strikes and strikes well
Just to remind people you are puppets in our hands

Earth quacks and cyclones are natures furry 
 Hits and hits well in the middle destroys with lethal accuracy

No escape remember your God 
 But he is of no use as it’s his creation for renovation.

19 January 2014


      Mr.Ranjib Biswal felicitates Dr.sanjoy kumar satpathy at sector 4 stadium of Rourkela,2002-June for his overall achievements in medicine, sports and literature.Mr.Biswal is now the officials of BCCI & IPL.He was the under 19 cricket team Captain of Indian Team which toured Pakistan.Dr.Satpathy(65yrs) now spends his retired life writing short stories, snippets both in Odiya & English.  His other hobbies are to feed street dogs,avid animal and birds lover,sing Hindi and Odiya songs when there is a gathering with orchestra around and move around in the remote places of Odisha with a camera.He is going to get another prize on 21st of Jan-2014 for his brilliant Odiya short stories from a Bi-Lingual Magazine,Sahayogi published from Cuttack.Wish him luck.His writings are worth reading.

14 January 2014


From Left to Right=(sitting)Radhanath, Bhabani,Aparajeeta,KJ.Jaiswal,Director- DNMohapatra,PKRath(RIP),Sanjoy,Susil,Ganeswar,Subash(Standing)Usha,Hemalata,Jaikrishna,Rao,Mohanty babu(Librarian)Bhabani(2),Seth,Sanjaya,M.Soren,Nemai,Uma & MaryBara.(2005)

12 January 2014


Rourkela Steel Plant Cricket Team annexed the prestigious Frank Worrel Trophy at Lucknow1975-6.From LtoR>Sitting:Mukesh(P)-Sabir(P)-Sanjoy(P)-Goutam(P)-Anil(P)-Bisanjee(P)(RIP)-SenGupta-Sudhir Pathak(P)-SenDa,official
Standing:L to R:Pani Babu,official-Randhir Singh(P)-Hormohan(P)(RIP)-Somnath(P)-Mr.Pattnaik,sports officer-MrSethi,official-Sikdar(P)-Paramjit(P)-Official,Sangameswaran,officialGS--Vinod Gupta(P)(C)--G.Purusottam(manager,RIP)--Bikram(P)--Mukul(manager),Official

11 January 2014


This photograph was sent to me by my nephew Bikash from New Jersey. Autumn season probably.

Close up of Krushnachuda flowers

A Tree in full bloom in summer months.These 3 photographs tells you about East & the West.

10 January 2014


Of late TKR(Total Knee Replacement) surgery is on the rise because1.people are over weight 2.Walk seldom3.No care for the knees 4.Ill fitting shoes 5.Insurance 6.people have money 7.Majority think their problem would be corrected over night & they can run.8.People are living longer.9.Less pain thresh hold.
But majority of the cases the surgeon does not explain the other problems associated with TKR.No one think of the preventive aspect of worn out knees.
1.Do not operate if you can not lose weight before and after surgery.2.Better not to go for surgery if your tibia is bowed as shown in the picture above.3.Your pain may get worse after surgery4.Swelling of the knees and the lower limbs will continue for life.5.You have to take pain killers which you used to take before surgery.
If your knee joint and leg bones are straight as an arrow then you are lucky to under go TKR.Any how with every surgical procedure failure and success rates depends on so many factors but one thing you have to decide about the cost factor, weight loss, and physiotherapy.Just because some one has done it you too should follow suit is sheer foolishness, do not go for it.Simply you can not run nor you can use Indian type of squatting toilets after surgery.
Just watch how your weight is transmitted if your legs are bowed.



A busy road junction called Panikoilli situated on the national highway 5 about 100 kilometers from Bhubaneswar is an important place for long distance truck drivers for food, rest and repair work. The place was as such always over crowed before the flyover was built when this incident was an acted in 80’s.
As a result of Magistrate checking of vehicles there was a chaotic situation at that place. The police was having a tough time controlling the brokers and the drivers from that place. A huge Sardarjee driver was asked to come down from his Ashok-Leyland truck for verification of his driving license and truck permit & other documents. Suddenly he blew a whistle when a Rhesus Monkey jumped out of the truck and came near the checking place where the Magistrate was seated.

“What is this nonsense?  I am asking you for your documents not this monkey”. The magistrate said in an angry tone.

“Sir, you may call me by any name you like but for God’s sake please do not call him monkey.” Sardarjee said rather emotionally.

Sardarjee ordered in Punjabi-“Rocket beta-go and fetch those truck papers”. 
In no time the Rocket beta went inside the truck and brought the bag containing the important documents. A crowd of onlookers had gathered around the truck driver, mostly the children from a picnic party to watch this monkey business. The Magistrate smiled and checked his papers and handed over the bag to the driver. He told other officers present there, that in his long service career he had never seen such helping hands.
One young car owner who was waiting for his turn for the checking of documents went along with the Sardarjee to a tea stall, Rocket too accompanied them. He was interested to know more about Rocket.

“How long this monkey—sorry Rocket is with you?”The gentleman asked while ordering for two cups of tea.

“Add one more for Rocket. He is with me for last five years, picked him when he was injured and about to die near a road side Dhaba and ever since he refuses to part with me. He is my helper; you can say everything, part of my life. He knows which cassette has devotional songs which one have discos or Punjabi songs; you see he is quite intelligent.”Sardarjee said while handing over a tiny tea glass to Rocket

“What about your family?”

“They are at Ludhiana, two daughters and two sons, my wife died five years back and all my children are being taken care of by my elder brother and bhabi-jee.” Sardarjee said.

“What about the food habits?” Rocket was looking suspiciously & listening carelessly at this stranger while sitting along with them in a saggy string bed.

“He eats fruits, raw vegetables, biscuits, nuts, tea & beer at times. You will be surprised to know he knows what I need when there is some problem in the truck. In summer months he goes and sits on the top for fresh air and plucks mango for me if truck stands under a tree. By now he must have traveled some thousands of kilometers with me.” a smiling Sardarjee said.

The car driver interrupted the interesting dialogue between the three unknown people, two human and a super human being. A fiver was handed over to Rocket by this unknown young animal lover :“Take this for your fruits”.
 As if Rocket understood what he said, clapped his hands at the stranger and jumped on the shoulder of his master as they parted their ways.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


Wife Kalyani & Sanjoy(1987)

Basant Satpathy with son Sanjoy(1986)at Madras high court.

Sanjoy with his first pet dog Topsy(1987)

06 January 2014


Recently a person went by road from Bhubaneswar to Balasore, a distance of 206 kilometers.The train fare for a senior citizen is from Rs60 toRs150/-(non AC) by bus Rs 200/AC.The toll tax one pays for this distance is Rs170/-..Road signs are missing, or wrongly placed, roads are full of potholes.Do not feel shy to ask the people on roadside shops about directions for your destination, or you may over shoot it by many kilometers.Few stretch of road is OK other wise if you are not careful may not reach your destination.From Cuttack to Bhubaneswar it may take 90 minutes to 2 hours for a distance of 22 kilometers, if you are lucky & there is no road block..There is no average restaurant on the way.Unless you are traveling by bus you may repent for taking your own car.The best mode of transport is by train for the tourist.

03 January 2014



This is the result of democracy?People have this opinion about their PM(look up) but he goes on and on.Actually India is being ruled by foreign power and the citizen are happy to be ruled by foreigners because they are habituated to it since India emerged from sea.