28 February 2014


 Sanjoy have visited the house of many famous and long living persons including his father, the secret behind their creative work and long life(>80) are as follows. (there may be many exceptions but one should not be generalize)1.Simple living2.Timely food3.Home made food4.More of veg diet5.Routine life6.Living with near and dear ones with grand children.7.They keep a pet8.A understanding wife9.Cool personality10.Some Hobby11.People come to talk to and take opinion, no isolated life.12.No late nights13. Less traveling,too much traveling reduces one's life span.14.Sleeping before 11pm and getting up before sun rise.15.Control of anger16.Love every thing in life.17.Not to become angry on any one unnecessarily18.Getting up early to create some thing not to eat or fight.19.No over eating20.A smiling face21.Taking care of your health through a good but practical doctor.22.Alcohol in moderation(<360ml alcohol.="" br="" no="" or="" week="">23.Living in a homely surrounding with less pollution.24.Do not be restless25.Keep your ego at your bathroom.

27 February 2014


With urbanization and high rising towers plus the pollution makes it difficult for the citizens to watch the sun rise or sun set unless they go to a sea beach or tiger hills.That way me and my family are fortunate.Here is the sun rise at Patia, Bhubaneswar through my bed room window.As the summer month approaches the sun will move towards the left.

25 February 2014

KAJAL PATY(Black Drongo)

Single Male Black Drongo.Watch the forked tail.Both husband and wife take care of the eggs and feed in rotation.Difficult to differentiate a male from a female Drongo.

In Odiya It's called Kajal Paty,English name is BlackDrongo(DicrurusMacrocercus)spotted at my brother's garden, Champa tree,Baleswar.A fearless bird attack much bigger birds hence some call it as King-Crow,In Hindi it's called police-bird.They lay 3 to 4 eggs if destroyed again the female lay eggs.Sings beautifully in early hours of the morning.Mostly live on insects.Olympus-VG-120 camera used for this photo.(20-02-2014)In Odiya it's called Kajalpaty because the shape of the tail resemble that of a container made of steel where ladies keep their Kajal(eye liner).

24 February 2014

FAKIR MOHAN SAHITYA PARISAD(19--20th February-2014)

L to R:RajanikantaMohanty,Dr.BibhutiPattnaik,Dr.Brajanath Rath,RabinarayanDash&Dinabandhu Lenka.

Santanu Satpathy extreme left.

100th Birth anniversary of Basanta Satpathy was celebrated at  Santikanan,Baleswar.

Audience on that evening.

On left is Santosh Satpathy(85yrs)youngest  brother of Basanta Satpathy.

17 February 2014


“Doctor Sahib, please do something or else I am going to die!”Retired head master Minaketan babu putting his hands over the belly said, agony written all over his unshaven face.
“Unless you tell me what your problem is, how can I help you?” replied Doctor Shankar while looking at the SMS in his smart phone.
“I have not passed stool for last eleven days to be precise”. Minaketan sir said while looking at the company gifted wall clock fixed just behind the doctor.
“So what? The world record is more than hundred days, so why do you worry?”Doctor retorted back.
“But sir it’s my bad habit of going to toilet twice in a day but that has totally stopped!” an aggrieved Minaketan sir replied.
 “Tell me, if your appetite is good and you are taking normal food?”Doctor Shankar asked.
 “What do you mean by normal food doctor? Yes I am on rice and Roti with Bengal Grams.”
:”Why? You must take plenty of vegetables for good bowl movement; don’t you know that, being a teacher?”
: “Doctor, if you do not mind I will ask you a question, who does your marketing for the house?”
: “You see my wife and me take our food mostly in hotels and restaurants, around three hundred days in a year. That’s the beauty of having a wife who too is also a doctor.” commented the overweight gastroenterologist.
: “That’s the problem sir. Our politicians and rich people like you are not aware of the situation faced by common men. If someone points out the price factor, someone would snub us telling that our vegetables, food grains & other essential goods are still the cheapest in comparison to other developed countries in the world.”
 “Yes, that’s right. Cows eat vegetables, me don’t like it either.” commented doctor, Shankar.
 “Doctor I am a retired teacher. The bank interest has gone down, inflation is killing us. The money which I kept in Bank may get exhausted very soon, unfortunately those like me who retired from PSU sectors do not get pension. May be after few months I have to apply for a BPL card which is not easy to get for people like me! I am not a doctor or a film star to earn till my last breath.” the retired head master said in a depressed tone.
 “That’s your problem, do not waste my time further or else I would charge double my fees over and above more constipated patients might be waiting outside. These medicines would be much cheaper and better than your insecticide spayed costly vegetables. Take a vitamin pill to compensate.” interjected doctor rather sadistically.
 “Sorry sir, please prescribe some medicine which would save me either way.”
 “You take this liquid twice a day till vegetables become cheaper.”
 After paying the consultation fees, Minaketan Babu walked to the nearest medicine shop. The pharmacists told him that these laxatives are in great demand and are out of stock due to increase in senior citizen population and vegetable price. Our head master left with a heavy heart and tried three more shops with similar results. Next day our Minaketan sir, along with more constipated senior citizens were seen moving towards lower PMG square with candles& ply cards written all over-“Down with constipation”  to celebrate the World Toilet Day with a hope that media or some politician might help them to overcome their problems.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

09 February 2014


Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy in front of the Tomb

Read it.Some say it's better than Taj Mahal.

Humayun Tomb should not be missed if you have gone to Delhi for sight seeing.Nice spacious place with large flora and fountains.

08 February 2014


Ladies playing with snow.

Kufri snow fall


Simla from Top.
My recent visit to this beautiful hill station where shooting of Bang Bang was taking place during our stay.


Bharatpur bird sanctuary is also known as Keoladeo National Park of India.   The 29square kilometer reserve is locally known as Ghana, and is a mosaic of dry grasslands, woodlands, woodland swamps, and wetlands. These diverse habitats are home to 366 bird species, 379 floral species, 50 species of fish, 13 species of snakes, 5 species of lizards, 7 amphibian species,7 turtle species, and a variety of other invertebrates. Every year thousands of migratory waterfowl visit the park for wintering breeding etc. The Sanctuary is one of the richest bird areas in the world. It is known for nesting of its resident birds and visiting migratory birds including water birds. The rare Siberian cranes used to winter in this park but this central population of Siberian Cranes is now extinct. According to Sir Peter Scott Keoladeo Sanctuary is the world’s best bird area.Recently i had been to that place from Delhi.This place is in Rajstan state of India.You have to take a man driven rickshaw or go walking as cars or motorized vehicles are not allowed.For the first time i saw Sardar rickshaw pullers in that place.They charge a big amount of rupees one hundred.You need binoculars to watch birds as they are not that close to the road where one walks along.If you are a bird watcher its the place other wise going all the way is not worth it.Here are some photographs taken through by my Olympus camera.