31 March 2014

A few words about Dr.K.P.Mishra

30 March 2014


Why this photograph? Like migrating birds most of our politicians come to their (Trees)constituency once in five years or some times two years.Go on reading the following lines and give your feed back.

These are the following questions which they must answer sincerely!
1. How many times you have traveled in a public transport bus or by Indian Railways?
2. How many times you have visited your constituency or your village or town where you grew up?
3. How many days you read the local and national news papers in a week?
4. Has anybody surveyed (Feed back) your locality from you where you were nominated or elected?
5. How you have utilized the money for the development of your constituency?
6. Have you ever communicated with a common man in disguise?
7. Are you really concerned about the development of the country and its people or its 90% personal and for family members?
8. What other office of profit you hold?
9. What was your attendance in the Parliament?
10. How much you reimburse for your diseases through medical bills?
11.How much  black money you have?
12. Why there are more of personal attacks by all the candidates contesting in the upcoming election?
13. Why so abusive languages are used?
14. Why so much of mudslinging by the so called learned politicians in spite of the code of conduct by the EC?
15. Why no one is speaking about their proposals for betterment of the country?
16. Why the party who came to power for a short time in an assembly election is more interested for personal attacks forgetting his agenda of corruption by the UPA government?
17. Like IPL code of conduct there should be a watch dog to disqualify any candidate for personal or communal or hatred speech?
18. Do you think this EC is very lenient and defunct?
19. Is this regional party culture good for the country?
20. Do you think our country will one day disintegrate like USSR?
21. Should all political party declare beforehand which major party they will support after the election, to form the Government?
22.Should a CM be disqualified if she or he cannot read or speak the language of the state which she or he is going to rule?


18 March 2014


                                     From L>R:Amulya,Sanjoy & Sudarsan at KITTS rose garden.

16 March 2014


Dr. Kabi Prasad Mishra: Cardiologist:
 As Sanjoy remembers him:
The year was 1973-74; Dr.K.P.Mishra(KPM) joined Ispat General Hospital, Rourkela straight from USA. KPM was the first doctor who was selected by then the, CMO Dr.Dhillon, a cardiac surgeon himself without interview.
 Dr.Mishra with a two year old son, wife Priti ,a lady doctor and mother in law a retired head mistress from Berhampur, came to Rourkela. He was not allotted a quarter then. He was welcomed to stay with sanjoy who was a bachelor then . There was just enough space in that house, A/98, sector-5 to accommodate the Mishra family for few weeks..
Sanjoy would prefer  to sleep on the floor to accommodate his guests . No gas no other means to cook food at home as he used to take food out side. Sanjoy did the purchasing of the utensils and a kerosene stove for them and cooking was started from next day by the mother in law and a small girl named Laxmi.
 Sanjoy had one old modeled Lambretta scooter, which used to start only after 20 to 30 kicks; in winter months. That was the only mode of transport for the two doctors. With that Sanjoy took this famous cardiologist for duty and back home.DrKPM was allotted a house in sector 20, which Sanjoy took over on his behalf of the American returned doctor, much to the annoyance of the town administration department. The family stayed in that house for a few months and then got transferred to a large bungle type quarter C/26, in sector 19.
There was a marriage proposal for Sanjoy with KPM’s sister but by then sanjoy's marriage was already fixed with his present wife. But KPM’s love for Sanjoy remained the same till his last days.

DrBSdas, Dr.D.Mohanty and KPM helped Sanjoy to reduce his three years MD course at BHU to two years because by then Sanjoy had served 5 years with steel authority of India (S.A.I.L).KPM encouraged Sanjoy to write Odiya short stories and also presented some of his ECG books to him.KPM had many doctor enemy in Odisha, for which he shifted to Apollo hospital, Madras. He had contributed a lot, in the form of initiative and financial help for building a Lord Jaganath temple at Chennai. He had three myocardial infractions and probably the last one killed him while he was delivering a lecture at YMCA, Cuttack on 15th Evening of March, 2014.
If anyone deserves to get the high awards of Government of India then he deserved it. He was an exceptional personality with a very sharp memory and vast knowledge from medicine to mythology. Sanjoy would have been the happiest person on earth if KPM would have received some of the Padma awards which he richly deserved.  Dr.KPM has left behind two wonderful sons who would carry on the Mishra-family flag till eternity. 
Sanjoy would never forget the impact of this great man on his personal and professional life. Let’s pray to God to rest his soul in peace, but would it? He would love to have continued delivering lectures may be in his next birth, we never know. (Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy, 16th March 2014)

14 March 2014


A literacy drive:

Madam Swapna preferred to go by a Hop Stop town bus to her residence at Patia rather than a noisy and vibrating auto rickshaw. She was accompanied by three school children who missed their bus.

All four of them walked to a nearby bus stop. It was crowded over there too. They slowly edged towards the front of the long queue. Swapna felt it quite tiresome to wait for the bus in that salutary afternoon, that too with hyperactive kids, gleefully enjoying this welcome exit from the dull confines of the class. Yes, they were enjoying their time outside the school, hardly bothered about the hot and humid air. Their faces were happy and they looked as if they were up for some mischief, with sweat trickling down their faces.

After a long time, the bus came and there was a slight scuffle to get inside, with everybody abandoning the discipline of the queue. Somehow Swapna teacher and the kids managed to get aboard, past the push and shove at the entrance.
The seats were all occupied and several passengers were already standing inside the bus. Somehow or other, Swapna forced her way towards the front, and asked two young boys to vacate the seats marked for ladies .All four of them could adjust in that seat with the youngest one ,her son, Spandan sitting on her lap.
 could force her way and asked two young boys to vacate the seats for her and the children .All four of them could adjust in that seat with the youngest one Spandan sitting on her lap.
 Spandan, the ever curious kid was peeping out of the window. He used to look for familiar sign boards and big advertisement hoardings that he remembered on this route. After a while he turned his attention to have a look around, inside the bus. After looking at the writings inside the bus in front, he asked ‘Maa, what does this ‘Fast adds’ mean after looking at the writings in side the bus in front, asked “Maa, what does this ‘Fast adds’ mean?”
 She kept quite as if she has not heard him. Then after a while she replied, “This is a spelling mistake, you stupid, it should have been written First aid”.

‘What does that box contain?’

“It is supposed to carry emergency medicine, but in practice, it carries possibly a dirty bandage, an empty, Dettol bottle, a screw driver, old music cassettes and few fused bulbs,” was her answer.
After some time Bapun, another kid, exclaimed, “Madam, see this one!”                                                                
Swapna was already annoyed, with the humidity heat and the rattling noise of the bus. Why these buses should make so much of noise, she wondered. She was already trying her best to keep her furious temper under control, and then came this sight of another spelling blunder, ‘Handicrabs’ was written in red paint, at the back of the next seat, and the word brought forth a wry smile on her face. “Yes, this too is wrongly written. It should have been ‘handicapped’, meaning the seat is for the handicapped persons.”
The young girl Munmun, not to be left behind, yelled this time, “This, to our right, is a better one Madam—‘Lodies’!”Then, with an all knowing smile, she giggled. The teacher left it at that.
The headmistress asked the conductor while paying the fare, “Who has written all these?”

 “A Painter madam, he is my nephew.”
“That’s alright but the spelling is mixed up everywhere!”
“He is a graduate Madam, now he is doing the job of a painter.”
 At the next stop two eunuchs forced their way in, which made the already irate headmistress to vacate the seats meant for ‘Lodies’ off mood headmistress to vacate the seats meant for “Lodis”.
Swapna had enough of the glimpses of the ‘literacy drive’ in the city bus and the social changes of the city. She could bear no more and would get down at the next stop.
Spandan said with a broad smile “Maa, Maa, now I know who are called ‘Lodies’.”

02 March 2014


Nuisance called Face Book :( By Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy)

Days gone by one used to wait and wait for the postman's cycle bell to ring for a post card or an envelope to arrive from a friend or a relative. The anxiety and the happiness associated with it cannot be perceived by the present generation of youths. That was a hobby as well as an art to reply back immediately and putting it in the mail box of a railway station called RMS.
But like the society the postal department got eroded and corrupt. The postman in spite of delivering the letters read it or threw it to fire or delivered it too late. People lost faith in Indian Postal Service when the courier system took advantage of it. The habit of letter writing became thing of past, students forgot the art of writing a letter but used phone to send back the reply .Gradually phone calls replaced the letters. Then came the IT revolution and people spent hours waiting or writing e-mail to friend and relatives. Gradually that too became infrequent, only personal information or lousy photos were sent. Once the internet became available in smart phones and I-phones replaced big size computers at home, users of the modern gadgets became maniacs. People seldom replied back to the e-mails. The sender had to give a phone call to remind the recipient about the e-mail.
Of late the Face book and many such sites have taken over the likes and dislikes of the society. Those do not have credentials became a member of the face book. They started posting photographs taken with a mobile or smart phone in those sites. It’s quite irritating to watch photograph of someone sitting on a commode or taking bath or eating at a road side Dhaba in the face book. Someone clicked like and the face owner started showing to his friends as if he or she has got an Oscar. Like everything in life FB has got some merits. Users do meet in face book some relatives, or friends who seldom attend any family functions due to tuition or examination or some plea or other. They come to know about their cousin sisters and brothers through this electronic media called (FB). Some use it as a time passes others as a hobby. Some even use it to find out a suitable Life partner and some for physical gratifications.
 To me it’s a big nuisance, you only have electronic friends,relatives who would never come to your house to help you in time of need or carry your dead body to the burning ghat or the grave. Let’s wait with a hope that some change would occur in the minds of the people and one would realize their mistake and try to have real friends and not fake ones. Here is what Chanakya said about friends.
"A false friend and living in a house with a serpent mean nothing but death"