17 May 2014


The blog owner Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy had promised to his near and dear ones in January2014,that he will shave off his crowning glory if the Nehru dynasty rule comes to an end.After the confirmed news he went to the nearby saloon and clean shaved, just to keep his words.Imagine a party which ruled for 10 long years could not open its account in 7 states?The young generation voting rights, Rajnath Singh's correct movement of the chess board and the untiring effords of the grass root levl workers and last but not the least the man who faught against all odds(Foreign Powers,Muslims Votes,Press,Media,CBI,Judiciary and what not)and made it possible.This is called leading from front.

16 May 2014


When Mr.Rajnath Singh declared Mr.Narendra Modi as the PM candidate many in BJP raised their eye brows and few even resigned.Mr.Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar parted away from a 14 years friendship with BJP on this issue. Mr.Modi travelled from one end of the country to another and brought back BJP to power.This is called leading from the front.I congratulate him and all the others who have won as a MP from their constituency with BJP ticket. In Odisha BJD and BJP were together for long time but due to the wrong decision of BJP as well as BJD they were separated but at a cost to the state, there was not a single central minister from Odisha in the last UPA ministry.The over whelming victory credit goes to BJP think tank lead by Rajnath Singh and the grass root level workers and the young generations of voters who brought about this change and taught a lesson or two to the dynasty members of Nehru family.

11 May 2014


Each day the mothers(women) abort 120000 and annually 43 millions and we want to celebrate and give credits to these mothers, my foot.Where are the human activists? Because for fetus there is NO such organization, there lays the problem.Who carry the child in her womb the mother or the father? and who aborts them? MOTHERS! and we want to celebrate this day as mothers day or criminal's day?As long as we continue to think children are a big liabilities and accruing assets are the bottom line of life then go ahead and do it.In India there is a double standard law,abortion is legalized but abortion of a female child is punishable.By logic male fetus abortion is a welcome to the society?In the name of stem cell research so many unborn child are aborted so that some very old person could get a stem cell transplant and live for few more months or years, because he or she has money!

03 May 2014


This is a group photograph of Cuttack and Ganjam cricket team at Barabati Stadium just before the 1965-66 cup final.sanjoy is in the third row standing 2nd from right.Sitting front row>L to R:Ausula Murty,2nd and 3rd can't remember,4thPVRMurty,5thLIParija,6thBisudha Jena,next to him is Founder of Barabati Stadium, actually the stadium should have been named after this gentle man7th Bhirab Mohanty,(instead of Sachin Tendulkar's name in the indoor stadium at least Bhirab Mohanty name should have been there. 8thNNSwamy,9thPKPattnaik,10thBanabasi Pattnaik,11thcan't say,12th Sasanka Pattanaik,13th can't say
Standing 1st row:3rd.Ashok Jena,6thSSMishra,8th Madan Mohanty,9th Murty,11th Rajaya Bosi,12th sikdar senior,Ashok Nanda,Alok jena
2nd rwo standing:4th Jadu Patro,8th Y.Rath,9th HSRathod,10th sanjoy satpathy,11th Chinu Jena
CUttack won the 3 day finals comfortably due to sanjoy satpathy's lethal swing bowling and a century by Bisudha Jena.from 1965 till his retirement from cricket sanjoy was in the winners team.He played for Paralakhemundi,Mayurbhanj,Cuttack,Bhubaneswar and lastly for Rourkela steel plant.He has taken more than 100 wickets in this tournament next to N.N.Swamy .No man of the match, no money.Even for the Ranji matches the players used to come by bicycle or rickshaw.The Orissa team will be declared at 5pm and the team would leave by 8:30pm same evening by Puri Express with out reservations.

02 May 2014


They know another chapter of life is retirement
So they live on and on to have another day
They talk to their wife as never before as she remains faithful till the end.
Every day is a challenge for them as society do not care for them
Every one comments Oh that old man?
They dye their hairs take Botox but the inside has grown old
They pretend to be cheerful but face tells another story
They have a good bank balance but can’t eat a thing as the body refuses
They are mentally strong but physically weak like an old car
They have the desires but accomplishment is a huge problem
They were once the back bone of the country but no one care for them now
As a country without them would collapse any day
 Senior and junior citizen makes a good cocktail like Bloody Marry
Like any good thing they have out lived their time
Should they give way to the youth who prefers the white then the brown?
No commitment as the youth does not vote but wants a free laptop
Our retired friends are the old vintage wine which gets better as the days go bye
They get recognition very late when their brain have grown too old
Respect the seniors as the youth would go in the same path when time comes.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy