21 July 2014


                                                                       Recently published in Orissa Post.



Dr. Birsen Jena:
Dr. Jena joined HSL,subsequently changed to SAIL(Steel Authority of India) as a junior medical officer in the year 1972-3.After managing different Health Centers as a medical officer in the township very efficiently he went for post graduation in Occupational medicine at Calcutta. Those days Rourkela Steel Plant had a small First Aid center inside the plant and those doctors  who were found to be indiscipline insincere were shunted there as a punishment. There the doctor’s job was to send whoever comes to the first aid to the main Hospital, IGH.
 Doctor Birsen Jena(BSJena) and Jamini Kanta Mohapatra(JKM) transformed the first aid center in to an occupational health center under the guidance of the then chief medical officer doctor Tadit Kumar Bose. That place was named PMU, then subsequently Occupational Health Center. Doctor Jena took it as a challenge and hoisted the first National Conference of occupational diseases at Rourkela. Doctor Jena was a very helpful person, very good organizer. He used to follow company’s rule by line and a very strict administrator. You call him at dead of the night he will be there with you.

Doctor B.S.Jena and Dr J.K.Mohapatra are no more with us but the plant medical unit which was later on transformed in to an International Center for occupational diseases for workers inside the Steel Plant of Rourkela, Odisha will be remembered for ages. We pray the almighty to rest their soul in peace.

Posted By Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy