27 December 2014


Recently sanjoy had been to Sikkim with his younger brother surjit.Here are some of his photographs he wants to share with his blog viewers.Few things are important when you go out for a sight seeing or a tour.1.Love for nature 2.Mentality 3.Adjust to all sorts of adverse condition including food 4.A good companion 5. your physical and mental health status.Top photos:1. photograph is Tsomgo lake 2.Girls getting ready to perform 3.Kanchenjunga from Gangtok.

25 December 2014


Sanjoy with his younger brother Surjit had a wonderful time at Sikkim.Some of the photographs are up loaded for the viewers. A nice place to visit if you love cold weather, snow and good people.Alcohol is almost 25% less price than  other places of India.If you do not have money to go to Switzerland then visit this place.Many people of India think its like Bhutan, another country.All the vehicle number plate carries the logo"IND" .

15 December 2014

Orissa Post


·         We are now following double standard in every aspect of life. Like we call ‘Hell’ for the rape victims but we enjoy a film with naked and rape or sex scenes. We talk big in award meetings about woman torture but burn our own bahu for dowry. We talk about cleanliness but throw peanuts and plastic packets in side train and bus. We hold broom stick for the first time in life just for a photograph and made mockery of ‘clean India’. Everybody shouts against alcohol and cigarette but every corner of any town or city has a medicine and alcohol shop. Everyone talk against violence and prostitution but both are glamorized in the film industries which are liked by majority. We are following double standard in every aspect of life so how can the war and peace escape from it? India is Gandhi, Buddha, & Vivekananda country; some say a ‘peace loving country’!! Lets watch how much we are doing and world is trying to do to bring peace in this world. “नौ सौ चूहे खाके बिल्ली हज को चली”. If an inferior gets riches, he demands an umbrella to be held over his head at midnight. That’s exactly what is happening in India and few other countries.
Just read the following table and decide whether this peace prize “NATAK” to continue or stop. If tomorrow a human rights prize in name of “Osama” comes up what will be your reactions? Just watch the “Sahara’ jersey being worn by one and all playing any form of game!!But the owner of Sahara is in jail and none of those sports person neither helped him nor is stopped wearing the “Sahara” jersey.Poor fellow now a “Besahara”.

Coming back to our original topic of War and Peace read the following and read the efforts made by different country to bring peace in this world. Yes if you say more arms and ammunition means more peace I surrender under your feet.

07 December 2014


                                       Mother is busy at work as the children are left in creche to play.


Breaking News: (SSN)
In a press release at a huge gathering near Jantarmantar, it was disclosed that Maun Mohan Singha, Naubina Petu-naik,and JoyLata   have joined BJP in spite of objections from  Kaupil Gibal and Digahara Singh. Experts are breaking their head over this issue. Why this sudden change in political scenario in India is difficult to perceive. Some say one wants to escape from the dark colour of coal and the other from the mining tunnels and the other from sandal wood smell. But the political analytics have a different opinion lead by Arjun Go-swami.
One finished a century old political party in few years, hence he has been entrusted to try and repeat that with BJP in 5 years. He has to carry on the secret service of one foreign lady. The party president realized that the only way to revive that old party is to finish the BJP.
Regarding the second politician who has joined the non-secular party(as per him) who could not pronounce properly in Odiya even after 15 years , said “Sala—Bala—Mahila-Chatri—Mananku Namashkar”in a women’s college annual function, is surrounded by BIC(cbi),Mines tunnels and Tich(chit) funds wants to escape to Switzerland for treatment, has taken this unilateral decision. He has laid down more foundation stones than the number of hairs on his head. This is also a big political move to destroy BJP party before this pot bellied politician by proxy merges in to the hands of foreign powers.
The third is a lady who fell sick like other politicians once she saw the black coats and jail gates of Bangalore. All three will unsettle the BJP party for good, much to the delight of those two sakunis of the oldest party—Gibal and Digahara bhi.
The final decision will be taken by Namdev bhi after he comes back to his mother land from foreign visits after cleaning different air ports of the world in his ‘swacha avijan’ mission but he may rue his decision for not being present when these 3 were inducted to the party.
(This is not for serious persons but those with a sense of satire)(SSN—sanjoy—satire—news)

01 December 2014


                                              Father's cycle and the morning glory in my garden.