26 February 2015

Congratulations to Afghanistan

We congratulate the Afghanistan team for its first world cup win.Tomorrow SA will win easily and next day match may be decided by D&L method.Lets wait and see.


This bird named Kajalapati in Odiya and Black Drongo in English is undecided where to take shelter as the day light gets softer.Here its resting on the window of an apartment.The artistic reflection is seen in the window glass.
A modern are of it by Sanjoy.Dedicated to his nephew Rajesh.

25 February 2015


                                     A WORLD CUP RECORD OF 215.CONGRATULATIONS.


A red Tamala has started flowing as the summer approaches.There is another variety in blue colour.My wife takes care of all the flowering pot plants in our house.She has inherited the love for animals and flowers from her father where as her next generation are more interested in internet and non vegetarian food.Their mornings starts with flesh and ends with flesh.

13 February 2015



Wind Power: As of 31 March 2014 the installed capacity of wind power in India was 21136.3 MW, mainly spread across Tamil Nadu (7253 MW), Gujarat (3,093 MW), Maharashtra (2976 MW), Karnataka (2113 MW), Rajasthan (2355 MW), Madhya Pradesh (386 MW), Andhra Pradesh (435 MW), Kerala (35.1 MW), Orissa (2MW), West Bengal (1.1 MW) and other states (3.20 MW). It is estimated that 6,000 MW of additional wind power capacity will be installed in India by 2014. Wind power accounts for 8.5% of India's total installed power capacity, and it generates 1.6% of the country's power. India's wind atlas is available.
Thermal Power:
Jharsuguda Thermal Power Plant, Odisha
Jharsuguda Thermal Power Plant, in the Jharsuguda district of Odisha, is currently the tenth largest thermal power plant operating in India. It is a 2400MW coal-fired power plant owned and operated by Sterlite Energy, a 100% subsidiary of Vedanta Resources.
The power plant is installed with four 600MW units. The first generating unit was commissioned in August 2010. The fourth unit was commissioned in March 2013. The coal used by the plant is sourced from the IB Valley coal field in the Jharsuguda district.
The Jharsuguda Thermal Power Plant was built with an estimated investment of $1.3bn. The SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Company of China was the EPC contractor for this thermal power project.
Korba Super Thermal Power Plant, Chhattisgarh
Korba Super Thermal Power Plant located in the Korba district of Chhattisgarh, with 2600MW of installed capacity, also ranks as the seventh largest thermal power plant in India. It is a coal-fired power plant owned and operated by NTPC.
The power plant built in three phases comprises of seven generating units (three 200MW units and four 500MW units). The first unit of the Korba thermal power plant was commissioned in March 1983. The last 500MW unit at the plant was commissioned in December 2010.
The power plant uses coal from Kusmundha and Gevra mines in the Korba Coalfield. The water source of the plant is Hasdeo River, a tributary of Mahanadi River.
The 4,620MW Mundra Thermal Power Station located in the Kutch district of Gujarat is currently the largest operating thermal power plant in India. It is a coal-fired power plant owned and operated by Adani Power.
The power plant consists of nine generating units (four 330MW units and five 660MW units). The first 330MW unit was commissioned in May 2009 and the last 660MW unit of the plant commissioned in March 2012. The coal used for the power plant is mainly imported from Indonesia. The plant's water source is the sea water from the Gulf of Kutch.
The boilers and generators for the first four units were supplied by Babcock & Wilcox and Beijing Beizhong respectively. SEPCO III, China was the EPC contractor for the last five 660MW units, which feature super critical technology.
The boilers were supplied by Harbin Boiler and the turbine and generators were supplied by Dongfang Machinery.
The 4,000MW Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant (UMPP), also located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, ranks as the third largest thermal power plant in India. It is a coal-fired power plant owned and operated by Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (CGPL), a subsidiary of Tata Power.
The thermal power plant consists of five generating units, each of 800MW capacity. Construction of the plant began in March 2009.
The first unit of the Mundra UMPP was commissioned in March 2012 and the last unit was commissioned in March 2009. The plant uses 12 billion tonnes of imported coal per annum.
The plant features super-critical boiler technology. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction was the EPC contractor for this project. The five boilers for the plant were also supplied by Doosan. Toshiba supplied the steam turbine generators.
Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station, Madhya Pradesh
Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station in the Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh, with an installed capacity of 4260MW, ranks as the second biggest thermal power plant in India. It is a coal-based power plant owned and operated by NTPC.
The power plant comprises of 12 generating units (six 210MW units and six 500 MW units). Construction of the plant began in 1982. The first unit was commissioned in 1987 and the last 500MW was commissioned recently in April 2013.
The plant uses coal from the NCL-operated Nigahi mine and water from the discharge canal of Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station. The turbine manufacturers for the Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station include Russian companies LMZ, Electrosila and the Indian BHEL. The 500MW units were supplied by BHEL.    
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12 February 2015


One need not search why BJP lost so badly?
1.Obama visit which kept Mr.Modi in dream land for the whole of January-2015.
2.Suit worn by Modi & his dressing style.
3.Too much sermons and lectures
4.Kiran Bedi as CM candidate.
5.Not doing any work except foreign visits by Susama Swaraj & Mr.Modi 
6.BJP leaders talking nonsense.
7.Anti Christian activities 
8.Black money hoax 
9.Wrong feed back for the election time 
10.Local problems should be solved first.
11. Complacency
The reaction of the common mass:
This was just a warning like angina, take precautionary measures.This innings defeat for BJP in the hands of AAP is like India losing to Afghanistan team in cricket in a test match!!This defeat is good for the party and a wake up call for Mr.Modi.
1.Take this defeat positively to improve the system/ governance.
2.Dress like a common man with Khadi cloths.
3.Stop going out of the country for 6 months, you have enough time to do that.
4.Communication meeting with your advisers.
5.Classes for BJP leaders on management at, XIMB
6.Get feed back from Delhi students and intellectuals about the debacle.
7.Do not allow auto drivers to decide the fate of the state and country.
8.Immigrants/religious issues should not be raised as they are the people who vote party to power.
9.Like big bazaar have a BJP bazaar and employ youth in smaller states and sell goods at retail price.
10.All BJP MLAs and MPs to travel by train and public transport and try to know feel the problems of the common man.
11. USA friendship in the long run will cost BJP dearly.
12.PM must ask his leaders to visit their state and solve local problems.
13.BJP must know that most Indians think of their own vested interest - 'let the country go to hell'.
14.Stop mixing with cricket and film stars they come to you for their own vested interests.
15. Learn from AAP how to reduce electricity charges and implement it in BJP ruled states?
These above writings are from an Indian point of view who would love to watch his country progress and become habitable.Being a Hindu i feel dejected the way the temples and festivals are playing havoc with the public.
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


My next book in English will come up in 2015.Mr.Bijon Pani.MBA(UK) has agreed to bear all the expense plus the editing part but he will collect 60% of the profit leaving the rest for the writer.The cover design is likely to look like this.

07 February 2015


Bhutesh Panigrahi never advertised himself nor spoke about his own achievement in life.A very down to earth practical person.He has left behind his adorable wife Sakuntala ,two brillents sons and a highly talented daughter.His next generation has picked up the baton where Bhutesh babu left it.We wish his soul to rest in peace.Front row first person on the right is Mr.Bhutesh Prasad Panigrahi.From the names of his sons Parthasarathi,Sabyasachi and daughterTanutrushna. one can imagine how much he loved Indian culture.He was my brother in law.

01 February 2015


Two small rivers called Sankha on the left and Koel on the right merge their own identity and form the river Brahmani which one can watch with two different colored water flowing in it.Some say another small river Saraswati too merges at some place.This place is situated at 12 Kilometers from Rourkela Steel city and is known as Vedavyas.A huge mela takes place during Siva Ratri.A scenic place.Every year few young people get drowned inspite of a huge sign board telling them not to take bath at that place due to quick sand and under current.Photograph by Sanjoy.