19 May 2015



Three wood cutters:
                                                  They had gone to look after their crop and to bring home some fire wood for cooking. It was a hot afternoon and they were taking rest under a tree.
 First farmer Ramesh started telling about his son who was very good in studies and would one day become an engineer in future. He was very proud of his son. Two of his friends looked at him and congratulated for being so lucky to have such a brilliant son.
“What about your son they asked the second farmer- Harish.”
“The house is full of cups and medals. My son sings very well and is an artist too, one day he would be a famous person. All our family members and relatives are very proud of him.”  The second farmer Harish said.
The third Khitish kept quiet and did not utter a single ward. “Why are you keeping mum?”They asked.
“Neither my son is brilliant in studies nor excellent in other activities, he is just average, but I am happy with him.” While wiping his sweat from his face Khitish said.
The other too sympathized with him and felt sorry.
Suddenly the brilliant engineer son of Ramesh came in a bike and scolded his father for moving out in the hot sun and doing all sorts of dirty jobs in the field. Instructed him to come home soon and drove off.
 The 2nd farmer's son came singing in a colorful dress and said"what are you doing here, father, enjoy life, sing songs, drink and be marry. That he is in a hurry and instructed his father to come home soon."
The third grade son of Khitish came in his cycle and offered water and some mango which he had brought with him to three of them and said to his father “I will come back and take you home but let me first take the fire wood ; mother must be waiting to complete her cooking..”
Two proud farmers Ramesh and Harish looked at each other and said to their friend Khitish “You see the difference in our sons and yours? They have book knowledge where as your son is practical and would help you in old age. The engineer son would leave the country and the singer son would be so busy that there would be no one near our death beds. You should be proud of your son not us.” They said in unison.

Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy

11 May 2015


Instead of worshiping a living tree why to worship a dead one? Its like keeping a stuffed deer or peacock in stead of a living one!!Many of them might not be knowing that these neem trees were more than 2 to 3 hundred years old.Lots of fraud in this Nabakalebara.Why God should take a rebirth? Mockery of Jaganath culture as a business out let.


02 May 2015


Define farmer? Who is a farmer? How Amitab Bachan and Vadra are farmers? I am from a farmer family and get Rs: 950/- per year from the paddy sale from my land. If next year there is no crop due to famine should government be responsible for my suicide? Suppose the gold price gets slashed to Rs:5000/- per ten grams then would the Chands and Kanchans or Kalingas jewelers would commit suicide for which the central government would be held responsible? The farmers of north India have sold their lands for crores and have gone to USA.I fail to understand out of so many very important issues why this farmer suicide issue is the only issue of the opposition parties? All professions have some hazards or other so also farmers. Not a single farmer has committed suicide within 100 kilometers of radius from our village in last 50 years, why? Mentally tough and practical!! Any male dying in a village is given a picture of farmer suicide by the media and opposition parties. Tell me if rice is available for one or two rupees then why one should go for farming? Why someone would not go for Rajanigandhda, Marigold or other flower cultivation which is more profitable instead of this one rupee business? More brilliant and enlightened people are there in the FB to throw some light on this topic?
Few years back (may be 1999-2000) in the early years of No=1 CM came to power declared that next of kin of all sun stroke cases would get Rs: 10000/- as a result of which the administrators and police with the convenience of doctors declared most of the cases of death in summer months as “SUN STROKE”, (angsughata).(500 for doctor,1000 SDO office,1000 police,500 middleman & the rest to the party) Poisoning cases, suicide cases, old age deaths, snake bite etc all were declared as heat Stroke. Then the government came to senses and decided to give compensation to dead person’s relatives only after postmortem report, similarly the present scenario of farmer’s suicide. Many of these suicide cases are due to alcohol and family dispute.Only one MP has rightly said “suicide” is a criminal act. Instead of aahar,one rupee rice, old age pension, women pension, girl child bonus and Rs5//- crores to Nepal earth quake victims let that money be utilized in constructive work of the state which has been devastated not by earth quake but by corruptions and mismanagement!! Many people donate just to show off others do it through third party but seldom give it from their own pockets. This is a selfish world and the show goes on and on as long you are in power or have enough money or industries.