28 July 2015

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

World lost a great man in you.We bid you farewell, please give us your wisdom.

Set For final Journey--Sanjoy Satpathy

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Prof.Basanta Kumar Satpathy---Shaksepear in Odiya

16 July 2015


NEW OIL IN KITCHEN---DOCTOR'S ADVICE:Of late Rice bran oil is being advised by the cardiologist to their 'new Bakras'(NEW CATCH) along with a very costly capsule of omega3.Now oil companies have started sponsoring doctors for foreign tours.Initially we had--Dalda--Kusum--Ghuntur ghee---GaiGhee---badam tela---then refined post man oil----olive oil---sunflower oil---corn oil----coconut oil-----palm oil----rapeseed oil---flex seed oil--now the rice bran oil.Be careful, do not follow the doctors advice blindly, use common sense if you have it.Some of our friends even bring olive oil from foreign countries instead of scotch whiskey.Costly oil does not mean its good for you."HAPPY OILING DAY." One RSP officer used to supply cooking oil to his boss.He got promotion before time.
— eating dinner with friends.