29 September 2015


Dilip Mishra with grand son.Bottom Photo: B.K.Satpathy at Balasore.

21 September 2015


Majority says they travel for the Jaganath darsan but there is a hidden agenda behind that religious motive. Some go there to enjoy some ‘drugs’ which are abundantly available plus the freshly prepared crabs and lobsters at the famous hotels as well at the sea beach make shift stalls at an affordable price. Some for the Nimapada sweets and the Puri rubdi& Rossabali even though they are all diabetic. Another group goes to watch panoramic view of the Bay of Bengal with a chilled beer in hand. Some used to travel all the way from nearby towns to watch young Bengali girls but that number has been reduced drastically in recent years. The so called religious minded pilgrims and devotees are more interested in the “Mahaprasad” and Darsan of the deities inside the temple and few to watch stealthily some exciting stone statues of the ladies on the temple walls.
Round the year the weather is salutary and humid, even you need not like to cover yourself with any cloths to escape from winter chill. Some ‘devotee’ while on return journey goes to Konark with a different purpose and on way back home gulps few of the Nimapada sweets.Few modern youths,business men and high government officials bring ‘Mahaprasad’ to impress  their devoted wife.
After the Nabakalebara the roads have improved so also the road blocks due to frequent road accidents but nothing has changed at real Puri,same garbage,water logging, narrow roads,bulls and beggars on roads.The travel time by road may vary depending on your luck.
Best of luck friends-Happy “Darsan”
Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy


                                                       CONCEPT BY SanjoyKumarSatpathy


Globalization and disease
As medicine has progressed, many vaccines and cures have been developed for some of the worst diseases (plague, typhoid, typhus, cholera, hepatitis) which people suffer. But, because the evolution of disease organisms is very rapid, even with vaccines, there is difficulty providing full immunity to many diseases. Finding vaccines at all for some diseases remains extremely difficult. Without vaccines, the global world remains vulnerable to infectious diseases. There are 4 types of dengue virus some because more problems to the hosts and others less, it depends on the human immunity.
Recently the spread is due to migration of plumbers, carpenters and other workers from costal states of India to other states for jobs. They with them carry the virus and then the disease spreads rapidly in other places as the vector mosquito is present in all the states of India. Recent few reported deaths due to dengue patients at Delhi and Mumbai were from Odisha. My suggestion is to quarantine these migrating workers from the starting place with blood test and medical checkup, otherwise there will be chaotic situation all over the country. Due to rapid transport system and presence of vector mosquito more people may get affected and many may die when the politicians, public and press will start blaming the doctors for negligence. With no drug, and a potential vaccine a long way off, our only way of controlling Dengue Fever is to target the mosquitoes and transmission of virus from one human being to another by segregation of patients. Let’s restrict migration of people travelling from dengue affected areas to other places till the disease has been controlled.
Now that the assembly, LS and RS are not being utilized patients can be accommodated there if the government wants. There should be warning for foreign tourist about the dengue epidemic. Remember these female mosquitoes are day time blood suckers for their little ones inside the eggs. One thing is sure to get pseudo-protection from dengue many people,will go to babas, quacks and self styled doctors and would eat what ever they advice from cow dungs to tiger testes and those people will mint money more than the chit funds amount from the public, be careful about that. And no government can stop these black magic and false belief of the public.
Dr.Sanjoy Kumar Satpathy.MD.FCCP.
Ex-Faculty for SAARC countries, for infectious diseases.

11 September 2015


Years gone bye, if some one had visited a foreign land means a great achievement, it was like a feather in the cap but not any more.People used to go for a degree or for a training course with scholership or government money because they were brillient in their own field.But in recent years its like going to Calcutta or Ranchi for a pleasure trip as one's son or son inlaw bears the expenses as they can not afford to come and stay long enough with their parents in 'dirty india' as they say.
Twently to thirty thousand rupees for health insurance,15 to 20 thousand for VISA,plus few lakhs for the air travel and going to Delhi or Calcutta for a VISA interview as if some one was going to get a degree? Every one is now on a move out of India spending few lakhs because someone else has gone out with out realising that much better places are there in India to watch and enjoy.Those parent's daughters are working abroad are very lucky because she would bear all their expenses plus they would be of great help during her delivery and also help in baby sitting.Majority get bored but do not express it and narrate their helpless situation during their stay to their close friends.Its like Delhi ka ladoo--"Jo geya pastaya jo nehi geya woh vi pastaya." Majority of them are senior citizen and retired from job and have a big apartment at Bhubaneswar or Delhi. As they have nothing to do and some one else bears the expense then what's wrong in that?

When someone visits a foreign land he or she must narrate the experience on these 10 headings few weeks after the return.
1. Weather condition.
2. Food.
3. The people.
4. Sight seeing very costly or costly or reasonable.
5. How they help people of other countries? What is the main industry?
6. Hotel costs?
7. More of manmade or natural beauty?
8.  Worth a visit?
9. Social environment?
10. Transport systems? Very costly—Costly ---Reasonable.
11.Did you really enjoyed the trip?or it was like also ran.

10 September 2015


Time for Dengue and Chikungunya in India.
Women liberalization: Both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectars, fruit juices, and other plants sugars as their main energy source. Why, then, do mosquitoes bite humans? Female mosquitoes require blood to produce eggs, so they bite humans. Each female mosquito can lay multiple batches of eggs during its lifetime, and often Aedes aegypti take several blood meals before laying a batch of eggs. When a female mosquito is infected with the dengue virus, the virus is present in its salivary glands.
Do not use aspirin or diclofenac to reduce fever it may prove to be fatal.These mosquitos are day time biters.